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Week of January 6, 2013

Monday 1/7

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Healing in an Instant

Emily's rib injury had caused pain for 15 years. Healing came instantly.


Patrick Willis

The San Francisco 49er linebacker shares about how faith has kept him going in football.

Tuesday 1/8

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Linda Goff

This author lost 150 pounds and changed her lifestyle forever.


God Saves a Soldier's Marriage

An Army chaplain's deployments drive a wedge into his marriage.

Wednesday 1/9

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Ivan the Terrible

He grew up fascinated with the gang life, so it was no surprise that he became a gangster.


Mary Hunt

The best selling financial author joins us to share tips on saving time and money.



Thursday 1/10

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Scott Stapp

The lead singer of the rock group Creed shares about his journey to find a real relationship with God.


A Fractured Bone is Mended by the Great Physician

Jeanene fractured the humerus bone in her shoulder, but was instantly healed while watching The 700 Club.


Friday 1/11

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Phillip & Holly Wagner

These relationship authors share the secret to matrimonial success.


A New Beginning for Bill & Carolynn

His affairs and betrayal almost spelled the end of their marriage. Then she got saved, and everything started to change. .



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