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Taking Her First Steps

By Barbara Cornick
700 Club Producer

CBN.comThis is 13-year-old Sokny of Cambodia. Just a few months ago it was impossible for her to walk. She had a skin condition on her feet that made them crack and even bleed.

The pain was so severe that Sokny actually walked on her knees to get from place to place. And it didn’t help that other children made fun of her. 

Sokny’s mother remembers how it all started: “When she was 18-months- old she always had very high fevers. This went on until she was five. Then her feet started to crack and bleed. It was very painful for Sokny. She could not wear shoes at all!”

Sokny’s parents are farmers who don’t even own the land they till. They barely earn enough money for basics like food. It may be hard to imagine, but medical care was a luxury they could not afford.

“I felt so bad because I could not afford to send my daughter to a doctor,” said Soun Nou Ren, Sokny’s father.

That’s when a Christian pastor new to their province connected the family to Operation Blessing.  He said, Sokny’s mother begged me to take her daughter to a hospital in Phnom Penh, but I didn’t know how to get there. So I took her to the Operation Blessing office here. I knew they could help her.”

Operation Blessing paid for Sokny to be seen by a doctor for the first time - ever. She told the family that the painful condition in Sokny’s feet had a name: dyshidrosis. More importantly, she told them it had a cure!

Sokny’s mother says, “I felt so relieved! There is hope! My daughter will be able to walk on her feet!”

Operation Blessing got Sokny the medicine she needed, and soon her feet began to heal. And they gave her a new pair of soft shoes that are making the first steps on her healed feet as comfortable as possible.

“I can wear shoes now,” Sokny says.  “I can walk on my feet! Thank you so much Operation Blessing!”

Finally, Sokny and her mother received one more gift – they were introduced to Jesus Christ – and they prayed to receive him as savior. 

Sokny’s mother says, “I praise God for healing my daughter.  Thank you, Jesus Christ.”

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