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Psychic Redirect

By Kristi Watts
The 700 Club

"It wasn’t even 30 seconds and it came up positive. I was so upset, I started crying."

The pregnancy test confirmed Charlene's worst fears: She was pregnant. Unmarried and distraught, Charlene wondered how she had gotten to this point.

Charlene grew up in a loving and God-fearing home where she spent most of her life in church and Christian schools.

"I wanted to succeed and make my family proud."

Despite the biblical principles her family taught her, Charlene discarded those seemingly rock-solid values when she met Kevin.

"Kevin was like no guy I’d ever met," Charlene explains.

He was kind, gentle, and fun. For two years he was "Mr. Right"... or so she thought. Charlene ignored her promise to abstain from sex before marriage and soon discovered she was pregnant. Though shocked, she justified her actions.

"I was thinking, We’re getting married anyway."

But when she called her long-distance boyfriend of two years, Charlene was in for an even greater shock.

"A lady answered the phone," Charlene recalls. "I said, 'May I speak with Kevin, please.'

"And she said, 'He’s not here. Do you know who this is?'

" 'You’re his cousin? I don’t know who you are.'

" 'I’m his wife.'

"I was like, 'His what!' " Charlene said completely surprised. "I hated him. I loved him. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused."

Not only was Charlene's boyfriend married, but he also tried to force her to abort their baby, plunging her into confusion and despair.

"I was depressed. I felt very alone. I felt like a failure in everything that I had worked so hard to accomplish."

Her life in shambles, Charlene was aimlessly flipping through the TV channels, when she came upon a commercial for a psychic hotline.

" 'Call us now. We have the answers,' " Charlene recalls the commercial saying. "I just remember 'Call right now!'

"Out of desperation, I’m thinking, It can’t be bad. I rationalized it. There’s no rational for it, but when you’re feeling like the scum of the earth, any rationalization will do. That’s how I made it in my mind it was OK to call. But when I called, I got what I never would have expected in my entire life from a psychic."

The self-proclaimed psychic on the other end of the phone inexplicably said, "You don’t need me. You need God. I have some numbers for you, sweetie."

Amazingly, the so-called psychic gave Charlene the1-800 number of CBN's 24-hour prayer line.

"She said, ‘These people will pray for you night and day. You won’t have to spend any of your money.' "

Moments later Charlene called The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center and told the counselor everything -- including her thoughts to abort her baby.

"The way she was praying was just so powerful," Charlene explains. "It was like all of this burden just started flying off of me."

Because CBN counselors answer the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone was there to reach out to Charlene when she desperately needed God’s guidance.

When the phone call ended, Charlene had a new perspective. "I recommitted myself to Christ and I just started walking the walk."Charlene's daughter, Alexis

And that walk continues. Three years later Charlene is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl named Alexis, whom Charlene refers to as her "absolute angel."

"Everything I have been through has been absolutely worth it," Charlene says. "I believe that if I hadn’t talked to Donna [the prayer counselor], my life wouldn’t be where it is now."

Every day CBN counselors answer more than 9,000 phone calls from people in need. But we can answer those calls only with your help. Just $20 a month, 65 cents a day, can make a world of difference in people's lives. Your gift to CBN makes miracles like Charlene’s possible. Join now.

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