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To learn how you can join with others to help Israel through Markets Unlocked:

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Join with Others to Help Israel

CBN.comIsrael is in the middle of what's being called the worst recession in its 53-year history.

For a nation that boomed through most of the 1990s due to mass immigration, foreign investment and its high-tech industry, the fall has been fast and steep. The closure of thousands of businesses has been jarring.

Further complicating matters are the financial repercussions still being felt from the aftermath of September 11, 2001. The horrific events of that day has marked a new era in history and has unfortunately resulted in increased trade isolation for Israel. In fact, international trade delegation visits have virtually ceased.

With a total of 1.2 million Israelis (almost a fifth of the population) now living in poverty, Israel is in desperate need of assistance.

Who will help them?

Enter Markets Unlocked, a Christian Internet business. The company, led by Chairman Julian Watts, recently signed an agreement with key Israeli business leaders that could have a significant impact on both their economy and the relationship between Christians and the nation of Israel.

The purpose of Markets Unlocked is very clear. Its existence is based on a desire to release a percentage of global trade to finance the harvest, to connect businesses with charities who distribute to the needy, and to overcome Israels trade isolation by connecting Israeli companies in business worldwide.

"The Israeli economy is in worse than shambles and unemployment is very high," explains CBN President Michael Little. "It is important to support a venture like Markets Unlocked because they have the ability to raise the volume of people who want to get involved in affirming Israel. They do this by connecting with Christian businesses that will help them in creating business traffic."

Watts is very focused in his intentions for Markets Unlocked. He has a tremendous burden for the people of Israel and wants his companys service to be a free gift to them.

"Markets Unlocked is given as a free gift to Israel from the Christian community around the world as an act of repentance and reconciliation for all that has been done to them throughout the centuries in the name of Christianity. As a practical expression of our love and support for Israel, we stand together with them at this difficult time, and we want them to know that they are not alone."

How does it work?

Markets Unlocked is essentially an Internet marketplace devoted to serving in a business to business capacity where matches are made. Doing so brings business buyers and suppliers together in every conceivable product, service, and country around the world.

For example, a buyer, who is a registered user of the service, places a request to purchase a certain product. Markets Unlocked automatically informs relevant suppliers that a buyer is seeking to acquire this product. In turn, interested suppliers then respond to this query stating their interest in making a match. The buyer will evaluate the shortlist of potential suppliers before contacting the successful partner to conclude the deal for purchase.

By registering a business with Markets Unlocked, a company creates the potential to find and sell to new Israeli customers or source better value products and services from new Israeli suppliers.

Christian business leaders can provide a tremendous amount of support to this endeavor by partnering with Markets Unlocked both spiritually and commercially. Spiritually, businesses can help mobilize the Christian community worldwide to take action via prayer, publicity of the service, and by providing individual donations. Doing so enables the service to be provided to Israel consistently and professionally. Commercially, businesses can become involved by registering as an official member. The service is free for the first year and only charges a nominal fee thereafter.

The benefits are unparalleled but more importantly the Lord is mobilizing His people around the world at this key moment in history to stand united. By supporting Israels business community you are not only helping to improve a devastated economy but are also blessing the nation of Israel in the process.

"With this venture, the Christian community has an opportunity to stand up and say we support and love Israel," says Watts. "The Israelis are ready to hear that from us now."

To learn how you can register your company with Markets Unlocked please log onto their web site at

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