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MAY 19, 2006

Christian Band Tours with Korn

FlyleafIn February of 2005, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch threw the band and most of the world for a loop when he converted to Christianity and abruptly left the secular hard rock scene.

The members of Korn told MTV that losing Brian was like the “death of a brother.” They respected his decision but leaving Korn for Christ did not gel with the dark metal group. Lead singer Davis has always been outspoken about his aversion towards organized religion (even writing a song about it called “Hypocrites”), and as of last October, Davis had not spoken to Welch since the fallout.

So why is Korn touring with openly Christian hard rock band Flyleaf this summer?

CBN’s Programming Director Chris Carpenter recently spoke with Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosly about the matter.

“I think it’s cool that they’re letting the Christians come on their tour,” she tells “There’s something happening there.”

Lacey encourages fans to pray for Korn and the other bands on the Family Values Tour on which Flyleaf will travel. “They’re very influential,” she says.

Flyleaf has also toured with Staind, another mainstream hardcore band.

In the coming months, Flyleaf will tour overseas, headline a few shows as well as travel with Pillar and POD. Find out if the band is coming to your town by checking out their tour schedule. Also, remember to pray for the band as they continue to crossover.

“You can pray that we have strength and enjoy all the fruits of the Holy Spirit,” says Lacey. “[Pray] that we would love each other and that people would know us by our love.”

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