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My Fight to Be Fit: Linda Michaels

Linda is a producer and lives in Virginia Beach. Come back each Monday and Wednesday to follow her progress.


May 31, 2006

How I Got Roped into This

Last Friday, I wandered into the office kitchen to heat up my favorite Lean Cuisine entrée and ran into the Health Channel Producer of I began to tell her how the Lord had helped me overcome one of my biggest obstacles to losing weight -- staying motivated!

When I finished, she said, “You should start a blog.”

Being one who believes that in the counsel of many there is great wisdom, I called a few friends to run the idea by them, waiting for the inevitable, “Have you lost you mind?” Well, no one said that, so here I am.

Let me start by sharing the story that got me into this.

A few months ago, I joined the local YMCA and began working out. I loved the atmosphere there (no spandex-clad perfect bodies to make me feel like I should be sneaking in the back door).

I shared with a friend that working out was having a great effect on my joints, energy level, and sense of well-being and a TERRIBLE effect on my eating. Because I was working out, I felt entitled to eat much more!

Wanting to help, my friend said her son had lost weight while eating a lot of food. He just filled up on vegetables. My response was, “But vegetables are not fun!” There was no way munching on carrots was going to work for me!

Never one to give up easily, my friend continued, “So what would be more fun for you than food?” My answer was getting together with a friend. She said, “Fine. Every time you go an entire week eating according to your food plan, we’ll go do something fun.”

I agreed.

The next morning when I woke up, the thought that ran through my head was, “I am so busted!” I knew my friend had hit on the one thing that could motivate me to stick with a weight-loss program. A week later, I was 5 pounds thinner and amazed that I had not cheated even one day.

Since I typically start a diet on Monday and it usually ends by Thursday (on a good week), this was nothing short of a miracle.

Now we’ll see how long I can keep this going. Each Monday and Wednesday I’ll be updating you on my progress.

If you’d like to join me in this weight-loss adventure, log on to our message board. Share your secret for staying motivated to lose weight and read what others have to say.


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