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My Fight to Be Fit: Linda Michaels

Linda is a producer and lives in Virginia Beach. Come back each Monday and Wednesday to follow her progress.


August 16, 2006

Losing Weight God’s Way

If you read Monday’s blog entry, you know that I had all but given up on the idea of taking weight off and getting fit when the Lord spoke to me. Basically He said it was not time to give up. But it was time to give the problem to Him.

There is one thing I know about the Lord and that is He never asks me to do anything without providing what I need to do it. So I'm feeling excited about a weight-loss adventure with Him in control.

With new hope, I headed off to the YMCA on Monday to do my workout. On my way there, I was stopped by a friend who asked if she could go to church with me that evening. Our church has a Monday night prayer meeting. I don’t usually attend, but I had a feeling that this was something the Lord was leading me to do. So instead of working out at the YMCA, I went home, put on some worship music, and jumped on the treadmill.

I had a great time doing the workout and I think it was the beginning of the Lord making some adjustments to my weight loss plan.

Last night I did the same thing and as long as I focused on the Lord as the music played, the time flew by. His way was definitely more fun than my way.

I’m not sure what other adjustments He'll be making in my weight loss plan. But am convinced that He wants to be intimately involved in my weight loss efforts and without Him, I can never be successful.

Now, the number one thing on my weight loss “to do” list is spending time seeking Him.

I hope your week is going well. Sign on to the message board or e-mail me to share your thoughts.

God bless you,


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