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April 20 , 2006

Eternal Hokie Hope

As I write this, the American people are engaged in a day of mourning honoring the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy.
March 23, 2006

Nigerian Children Snatched

march 16 , 2006

Stalinist Style Crackdown in Uzbekistan

The years of religious and political violence in Nigeria seem to have reached a new low.
March 9 , 2007

Praying for Morning to Break in Burma

Sunday, March 11th is the Global Day of Prayer for Burma. If there is any country or people that need extra prayer support from Christians right now, it’s Burma
March 3, 2007

Eritrean Evangelist Martyred

Christians around the world were disturbed to learn of the recent prison death of courageous Eritrean evangelist Magos Semere.
February 23, 2007

Sudanese Slave Redemption

The release of the film, Amazing Grace in theatres this week and the book of the same name have caused renewed interest and awareness about slavery around the world—especially in Sudan where it continues to this day.
January 19, 2007

Dining With Burmese Abusers

This coming week, a new report detailing the actions of the Burmese regime against Christians will be released in London. It’s called “Carrying the Cross,” an investigation conducted by Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
January 12, 2007

Jesus Number One in China

China observers were surprised this week when they learned a Chinese government religious affairs official estimated the number of Christians in China at 130 million. Up until now, the best guess was about 50 to 80 million Protestants, 20 million Catholics.
December 22, 2006

The Bethlehem Road

After recently seeing the film, "The Nativity" I came to realize the difficulties and hardships endured by Joseph and Mary during their long, 100 mile journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. They had to traverse mountains and streams and survive the trip with little food and water. Few of us in 21st Century America have endured those kinds of hardships.
December 16, 2006

Free Speech Retrial in Australia

Australia’s Victoria State Supreme Court has sent a key religious freedom case back to a lower court for retrial. Pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot are hailing the decision as a victory for free speech. Two years ago, a civilian tribunal convicted the two men of violating section 8 of Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for comments that were made during a church seminar on Islam. The Christians were accused of vilifying Islam and were ordered to apologize. The two Danny’s said no, they have the right to freely express their views in Australian society. The High Court set aside that lower court order.
December 8, 2006

Blasphemy in Pakistan and Australia: Contrasting Responses

One male teen apparently urinated on a Bible, spat on it and then tore and burned some pages from the book. Another student tore and burned pages from the Bible while a third teen rolled up pages “like a cigarette and pretended to smoke” them.
December 1 , 2006

“Turkishness” in the Cradle of Christianity

Turkey is a country with a rich Christian heritage. Christian Turks lived and worshipped in the country for at least 600 years prior to the advent of Islam..
november 3, 2006

Adoption: Experiencing the Father Heart of God

CBN News anchor Lee Webb is among the thousands of U.S. Christians who have adopted a child from another country. Lee shares his experience on this week’s Christian World News,
October 27, 2006

The Love of Christ in Darfur

Operation Blessing field worker David Darg sent an urgent message to several of us here at CBN this week pleading for additional help for the suffering Sudanese in Darfur..
october 20, 2006

Helping a Persecuted Church

New Life Church in Minsk, Belarus, is in a standoff with government authorities who are trying to take away their church.
october 13, 2006

Pray for the Workers to Go to the Harvest

Bishop Ezra Sargunam’s passion is to see the Gospel preached to every people group in India.
October 6 , 2006

An Amish Girl's Example

The Amish response to quickly forgive Carl Roberts, the deranged school house killer who stole the lives of five innocent schoolgirls in Pennsylvania this week should come of no surprise to anyone familiar with their beliefs. Many Amish are deeply committed Christians who regularly read the Bible and take the words of Christ seriously.

September 29 , 2006

The Lifelong Ministry of Father Zakaria

If you spend any time with Father Zakaria Boutros you’ll begin to wonder why this kindly priest has generated so much animosity in the world.
september 22 , 2006

Christian Execution in Indonesia

IJustice was denied for three Christian men shot before a firing squad Friday morning in Palu, Indonesia because crucial evidence was ignored prior to their conviction and execution. .
September 15 , 2006

The Pope’s Speech: Gasoline on the Fire

Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East are demanding that Pope Benedict apologize for remarks he made this week about Muslims and their prophet Mohammed.
September 8 , 2006

Australian Islamic Outrage

Members of Australia’s Islamic community are expressing outrage at recent comments from government leaders about the need for Muslim immigrants to embrace the dominant culture.
September 1, 2006

Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism in Egypt

Members of Australia’s Islamic community are expressing outrage at recent comments from government leaders about the need for Muslim immigrants to embrace the dominant culture..
August 26, 2006

Saving the Lost Generation

They are the world's most vulnerable population – the millions of children in countries on every continent who are trapped in poverty, exploited by evil, and orphaned or infected by disease.
August 22 , 2006

My Cousin and Me in Egypt

Except for frequent anti-Israeli protests at Cairo’s Al Azhar University, many Egyptians were slow to criticize the Israelis at the start of the Jewish state’s recent war with Hizballah.
August 14 , 2006

The Power of Prayer

“He said the Lord spoke to him right before the attack on the convoy and told him to leave the convoy and drive away from it. And as soon as they left, the attack happened…”

August 4, 2006

Lebanon’s Shrinking Christian Population

Christian used to be the majority in Lebanon, but in the past 30 years so many Christians have emigrated that they now make up only about 35% of the population.

july 28, 2006

A Bit of Texas in Sudan

Vice President Kiir proudly displayed the presidential gift at the conclusion of our recent interview at the CBN News Washington Bureau.
July 14, 2006

India’s Terrorism Predicament

As the world focuses on Israel’s war against Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, little attention is being given to a major terrorist incident that occurred this week in India.
July 6, 2006

Kony’s Crimes: Amnesty and Forgiveness?

Joseph Kony, the Lord’s Resistance Army leader and most wanted man in Africa these days says the crimes he is accused of committing are nothing more than Uganda government propaganda.
June 6, 2006

The Global Day of Prayer Meets the Digital Revolution

During this year’s Global Day of Prayer event on June 4, millions of Christians in more than 200 nations held a ‘virtual worship’ service thanks to the wonder of the World Wide Web. They did it by combing traditional broadcast and Internet technology to help create a Global Village of prayer crossing continents and oceans.
May 26, 2006

India Anti-Conversion -- Gary Lane

It appears the anti-Christian tactics of some BJP Party members from India’s Rajasthan’s State Assembly to shut down India’s largest Christian ministry may have back fired. Earlier this spring the assembly passed an anti-conversion bill, but now it is on hold because the state governor has refused to sign the legislation into law.

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