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MARCH 20, 2006

The Tracks of Their Lives

"Music is the art of the Prophets, The only art that can take the agitation's of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us." - Martin Luther

Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God to which Satan is a bitter enemy; for it removes from the heart the weight of sorrow, and the fascination of evil thoughts. - Martin Luther

"The soul of music slumbers in the shell,
Till waked and kindled by the master's spell;
And feeling hearts touch them but lightly, -- pour
A thousand melodies unheard before."


There was wonderful response to the Jukebox of My Life a few weeks ago. As a matter of fact they are still coming in. You can check out your response.

To continue on with our music theme: the following is a list of musicians Nedra and I have prayed for over the years. Our roots go back a long way with some of these folks not just musically but personally. By no means is this exhaustive, but the idea here is to trigger off prayer for those you might identify with and that have touched you in that “inner place” helping create the music that means and makes memories.

So as you listen to your musical favorites remember, “Music (like prayer) is a transcendent language that communicates spiritual reality beyond human limitation.”

Eric Clapton – Nedra and I were involved in his life personally years ago. He did make a commitment to the Lord. In fact I personally believe it is the only reason he is still living and breathing. In addition to his musicianship a good guy.

Johnny Cash (Went to be with Jesus)

Leonard Cohen – His stuff intrigues me with many spiritual overtones.

Bruce Cockburn – A Christian, Canadian & a good writer.

Andrae Crouch- An early Jesus music pioneer, an old friend now pastoring and still doing music.

Rodney Crowell This is recent. Good writer.

John Denver (Deceased) – His music may have touched me in the way few musicians ever did. I was aware of the spiritual search this man was on. I prayed when he died piloting his own plane that God would have mercy on his soul.

Neil Diamond - Something is going on here. Listen to his most recent CD, with the song I Am a Man of God.

Dion DiMucci – Nedra and I helped plant the seed that ultimately led him to Jesus. He has a new CD out, Bronx in Blue. Great reviews.

Bob Dylan – Most of you know the story of his conversion. The Slow Train is slow but still on track.

Marty Goetz – A Messianic Christian. Wonderful singer/songwriter/keyboard player.

George Harrison (Deceased) Only God the Father and Jesus the Son knows, not Krishna.

Emmy Lou Harris – Something in her voice speaks to me. She has worked with many mutual friends that pray for her.

Buck & Annie Herring - Matthew & Nellie Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts) – Old friends, great group, and individuals.

Dallas Holm – Sincere and a Jesus music pioneer. Nedra’s a fan and wants to sing with him.

Billy Joel – Just like his music. Pray for the man. Issues with alcohol.

Phil Keaggy (and Bernadette) –Dear friends of ours and a master (and the Master’s) musician.

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) – Not just his guitar playing but his melodies on movie soundtracks are full of heart.

Phil Madeira – Wonderful musician/songwriter and friend. One of God’s peculiar people, but real.

Paul McCartney – His latest album has a song "Follow Me" that says a lot. This has been working in him for a long while.

Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) with his wife Camilla. Good friends, dear people, following Jesus all over the world!

Van Morrison – So much is stated in his music that is Jesus centered.

Willie Nelson – Interviewed Willie years ago and he cried when we talked about Jesus. He has roots back there.

Larry Norman – An old friend and Jesus music pioneer. He has endured many physical problems in the last few years but endures.

Gary S. Paxton – One of Jesus unique ones; a producer/songwriter extraordinaire’.

Prince – Roots in Jesus. Some changes in him in the last few years.

Bonnie Raitt – Just because. Love her musical soul.

Cliff Richard – A real Jesus disciple and tremendous performer for over forty years.

Robbie Robertson (The Band) – Knew him years ago.

Smokey Robinson – One of the original Motown men. Many ups and downs but loves the Lord.

Tommy Roe – From back then, many hits (Sheila, Dizzy, one of my vertigo theme songs, etc.etc.) He used to have a crush on Nedra when they did shows together.

Linda Ronstadt – Sings in Nedra’s key. Nedra says she has a cry in her voice that may be the cry of her heart.

Paul Simon – This guy is one the most creative musicians.

Ricky Skaggs – A friend, and a follower of Jesus, and the Chinese like his bluegrass!

Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patti Scialfa - a singer in her own right. “The Boss” has written and played songs that have much to say to me personally on a number of levels.

Noel “Paul” Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary.) An old friend. After plugging into the Lord, he once called me his personal John the Baptist. Peter Yarrow (an old friend) and Mary Travers need prayer too.

Barbra Streisand – In Yentl she was looking for a father. May she find her Heavenly Father. That’s where her singing gift came from.

Donna Summer – a friend to Nedra and me with her husband Bruce Sudano. In the middle of it all and faithful followers without compromise.

John Michael Talbot – Appreciate his music & commitment.

James Taylor – Nedra’s buddy. She can tell you her “one eye” story someday.

U2 - Bono, and other band members. These guys have had their up’s and down’s spiritually in their pursuit of God over the years. I appreciate Bono’s commitment to the poor, and debt relief.

Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Where Has Love Been? His lyrics from Imagination a self confession.

“Where has love been all my life?
That I’ve been looking everywhere,
But somehow no one seemed to care.”

From Happy Days: “Oh God, the pain I’ve been going through.”

Mary Wilson formerly of the Supremes and a good friend of Nedra’s. It’s fun to see Mary, the Supreme, and Nedra, the Ronette, singing together; which they have done.

Stevie Wonder – I understand he is a believer. I did verify that from a good source.

Bill Wyman Formerly the bass player of the Rolling Stones an old friend of many years. Talk about being “spiritually ignorant!” Love ‘ya, Billy boy.

There are others, but make your own list, pray on and let’s see what happens.

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