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There is undeniable chemistry when great vocals meet timeless songs.  Avalon has always been associated with creating memorable music, but never has the award-winning foursome sounded more compelling than on their latest release, Faith.  The record’s performances were marked by countless hours of singing these songs in church pews during their youth. 

“Three of us grew up in preacher’s homes,” says Greg about himself, Janna and Jody.  “We’ve been singing hymns since we were kids.  It’s been a part of our upbringing.”

Melissa grew up in church, but the music that dominated her services was contemporary worship.  Recording these songs was Melissa’s opportunity to connect with the hymns in a personal way. 

“I did not know a lot of the hymns,” says Melissa.  “So learning the words and knowing what these songs were really saying made me fall in love with them.” 

Even though these hymns have been sung for years, the group felt compelled to share them with their audience.  

“You have to learn about your foundation,” says Jody.  “You have to learn about your past and what your faith is built on before you can go into a world that’s different and teach the Gospel.  Hymns carry with them not only solid theology, but they were the first songs about grace, faith and hope.” 

Avalon sings “In Christ Alone.”  This song has become a modern day hymn.  It is sung in countless churches every Sunday and has been recorded on numerous worship albums. 

There have been changes to the group over the years.  There are two original members, Janna and Jody.  Even in the midst of changing members, Janna said both she and Jody knew it was not time to end Avalon. 

“God told me that if we just showed up, He would equip us and provide us with what we needed to go on,” says Janna. 

In the past few years, they have all become parents and have learned to balance commitment to their growing families with their commitment to music ministry. 

“Our personal lives are meshing with our professional lives,” says Jody.  “We bought a bus, and we bring the kids on the road.  We want to keep doing this for as long as God will give us the grace.  We felt that maybe it was just time for us to fold up and quit several years ago when we’d gone through some different circumstances, but God said, ‘No, I’m not done yet.’”


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