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Vicky Beeching

Integrity Music

CBN.comWorship takes many forms. But worship through music allows us to experience God's presence in a unique and profound way. It creates an environment where Spirit touches soul, heaven overtakes the here-and-now, and the divine meets the everyday. For worship leader Vicky Beeching, songs of praise offer us a glimpse of eternity.

Or as Vicky says simply, "The kingdom of God breaks in when we worship."

Vicky has long understood the power of worship music. Born and raised in the U.K., she was immersed in ministry from a young age, in a family where her mother led worship, and her grandparents were missionaries to Africa.

After first leading worship at the age of 12, Vicky knew she wanted to help people connect with God through songs. And it was important that these songs were rich in both music and message.

"I believe that songwriters are the theologians of our day, as songs stick in people's memories far more easily than sermons so the primary vehicle for teaching doctrine is now through song." Vicky muses. "Songs are the soundtracks of our lives, so getting good theology into worship lyrics is vital."

Inspired by this insight, Vicky chose to prepare for her calling by pursuing a theology degree at Oxford University, one of Britain's most prestigious schools.

"My time at Oxford was foundational to my ministry," she shares. "I felt called to write songs for the Church and believed that deserved as much theological training as a pastor would go through."

Upon graduation Vicky was mentored by renowned worship leaders including Brenton Brown, Tim Hughes, Brian Doerksen and Matt Redman. She worked with Soul Survivor, the UK's largest youth event, leading worship and raising up younger female leaders. Soul Survivor sent her on trips to the States to minister, and each time she went, she felt the Lord's call getting stronger. She knew He was leading her to move Stateside and be a voice on both sides of the Pond. This sense of calling was confirmed when God opened the door - she was offered a record deal in Nashville. Leaving friends and family behind she packed a suitcase and a guitar and has spent the past five years ministering across North America and Europe.

Her two Stateside records caught much attention and acclaim, but people often felt they didn't reflect the same Vicky they experienced in a live setting. She felt the same way, longing to forget the pressures of writing radio singles and recording restrictive three minute songs. Her heart had unswervingly been to write songs for the church and record them in a way that captured the spirit of worship. But the system and voices surrounding her had made this difficult to achieve.

"Until now, Vicky has been presented as an artist, as opposed to a worship leader," notes Jay King, Integrity Music's Vice-President of A&R and Artist Development. "We are excited to deliver an amazing worship experience with an artist who is now free to be who God has called her to be."

Eternity Invades is the Integrity debut of a dynamic worship leader coming into her own, offering a vibrant, kinetic sound that carries a life-changing message.

"For me, the title sums up the record," Vicky says. "It's about raising our expectation of what can happen in the context of worship - reminding us that it's a supernatural thing and that God's Kingdom can break in.eternity can invade, if we are seeking and wanting that."

Accordingly, Vicky wanted the record to sound as big as the concept, and cites fellow British groups U2 and Coldplay as sonic touchstones.

"I wanted to create something that sounds like me and my band do in a live setting," she enthuses. "I wanted to make music that is fresh and edgy, while still being very congregational and church friendly."

The result is a powerful collection of modern worship, from arena-sized rock, to tender moments of holy adoration.

Her first single "Salvation Day" provides a soaring, expansive aural canvas for the simple, yet powerful, message of the Gospel.

"'Salvation Day' is really a celebratory song," she says. "I went back to the core elements of why we have a reason to celebrate - once we were dead and now we are alive through Jesus!. The verses are straight out of John 3:16, and the choruses are an overflow of gratitude to God for all He's done."

The beautiful, building "Blessing and Honor" offers an evocative peek into what waits for us beyond this world.

"The song is drawn from the book of Revelation," Vicky shares. "I wrote and played the chorus and the bridge at a big conference in England where many nations and people groups were represented. And as we were singing those words from Revelation, it reminded me that worship on Earth is a foretaste of how it will be in heaven. it was a powerful time. When we started this new album, I brought the chorus and bridge to the studio and got collaboration on writing verses to complete the song."

Vicky, who is an advocate for social justice organizations including Compassion International and the International Justice Mission, also uses her music and influence to help those in need. "Break Our Hearts" is a plea for God to give us a burden for the broken and hurting in this world.

"I'm really passionate about the link between worship and justice," Vicky says. "My favorite passage on worship is Isaiah 58, which shares the kind of worship God wants: to feed the hungry, to help the oppressed. Jesus wants His followers to bring justice to people who are in need, and doing so is a crucial part of worship."

In addition to her own music, Vicky writes with other worship leaders, including a collaboration with Steve Fee on his band's hit song "Glory To God Forever."

Vicky is also an active proponent of online social media and its interactive influence on the church and culture.

"Another passion of mine is using technology to impact people," she says. "I want to share my life with others-to be a part of a global tribe of Jesus-followers, all communicating about our daily experiences."

Future plans include speaking engagements, the publication of her first book, offering resources for worship leaders, and overseeing an exciting online forum for other women in ministry that she has launched at

Yet no matter the medium or the venue, from stadiums to churches, Vicky's purpose and message remain clear, with a heart intent on drawing heaven into earth.

"My new record-and my entire life-is centered around the prayer, "Your kingdom come, your will be done". When we pray and sing that, eternity will invade our hearts and our worship gatherings, and we will never be the same again."

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