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Carried Away

Glide Records

CBN.comSince we last heard from Carried Away in 2005 with its critically acclaimed debut disc Closer To You, the Canadian trio has been on a whirlwind journey both professionally and personally. For starters, the Ontario-bred group comprised of sisters Colleen and Pam Walker, plus their cousin Christine Prankard, have been on a seemingly endless tour, ranging from several solo headlining dates, to opening slots for the illustrious likes of Casting Crowns and Avalon.

Add in several Women of Faith sponsored events along the way, where the ladies not only reached out to thousands of adult women, but also teens and younger youth, and Carried Away truly has come of age with their music and ministry. And speaking of age, the threesome has also stepped out of their teenage skin and just tipped into their twenties, demonstrating additional artistic and spiritual growth, while simultaneously possessing an even more direct set of goals on this impressive sophomore album.

“We’ve basically used our experience up to this point to encourage young people and really let them know how your life can change for the better with God in the center of it,” explains Pam of the continually evolving songwriting process. “We came up with the album title of I Want You to go along with the theme of the first album Closer To You, which basically encourages listeners to get an idea of what they want from this life. What are you putting into your life, and most importantly, do you want God in your life? It’s a huge decision, but getting to know Him is our ultimate message.”

Though Carried Away has plenty of guys in its fan base, Christine quickly echoes another thought relating to the girls of all ages the group seeks to reach. “I think another angle is the fact that so many young people want to be loved and accepted all the time and they’ll do almost anything to feel that way. But we want to remind them that God will love you no matter what the world says and no matter what you may have done. He’s there with open arms of forgiveness and can fill any of the holes in your life.”
Throughout the entire songwriting process for the album (which just for the record is taken up almost exclusively by the group members in both lyrical and instrumental contexts) the trio also explored ideas of holiness and purity. Sure, they’ve always been mindful of the necessary limits and boundaries when it comes to living a life in Christ, though everyone’s wholeheartedly committed to never falling under the weight of worldly pressures.

“If you want Him to be your all and all, you have to make choices that ultimately result in Him being the first priority,” adds Colleen. “Over the last couple of years, God has been teaching us individually and as a group how much He desires holiness. Of course, it’s a struggle everyday to make Him number one- and not just with prayer when you need help with something- but to make Him wholeheartedly the most important part of your life.”

The album is strewn with several song examples tracing these newfound convictions throughout I Want You, which hits stores through Infinity Music Distribution in August. Take for instance “Wasting My Words (Been Where You Are),” which applies those aforementioned concepts to romance, suggesting to put God before guys, otherwise it’s sure to result in heartache and frustration. “Sweet One" extends upon that premise to again touch on relationships, but remind all God will never break a heart, which is an integral fact to remember, especially in the wake of a devastating disappointment. “Mystery” is also an amazingly powerful selection, talking about waiting our entire lifetime to meet the Lord in heaven, but also making it clear we can catch glimpses of Him throughout day to day situations.

“A lot of times people say our music is anointed,” Colleen notices. “They tell us the music and the songs are coming from an honest place and that through being ourselves, they are encouraged every time they go away from a show. We think that’s the greatest and highest compliment, but God deserves all the glory.”

That idea can also be traced throughout a recent round of tour dates, which saw the group visiting a church in Tennessee last fall and then again this spring in anticipation of the album. The threesome recalls hearing about a young boy who was unable to walk and couldn’t even stand up, but was moved in supernatural ways by the group’s music.

“The last time we were there, his mom came up to us and shared the most amazing news,” exclaims Christine, choking back tears. “She told us the only time her son stood up was during our two concerts and that she was forever grateful for our ministry. To think that something as small as a song could do this for someone is simply mind blowing and we can’t explain it! It’s just the power of music and fact that God can move through anything. Stories like that are so encouraging that they keep us doing what He’s called us to do.”

Aside from this highly emotional display, Carried Away also branched out with an additionally adventurous musical dichotomy that finds the group straddling the lines between pop, acoustic rock and worship. The tune “Smile,” written out of the pure joy to be alive, evokes praise leaders such as Aaron Shust and Chris Tomlin, while the stirring “Feel It Inside” and “Just Believe” take on the modern radio approach of Natasha Bedingfield or Michelle Branch. Yet this vast range of influences also includes the highly diverse likes of Natalie Grant, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay and The Fray.
Though the group will soon debut this progressive blend of muses on the road, backed by Pam’s primary keyboard playing, Colleen’s guitar playing (and occasional assistance on keys), plus Christine’s guitar playing, yet another new angle recently developed within the girls’ inspiring story. Last July, the group hooked up with Compassion International, which is an outreach organization they’ll be sharing about from the stage each and every evening.

“We’re honestly so in love with Compassion and all the amazing means of helping others it can provide,” verifies Christine. “They go into local churches throughout different counties and meet the needs of the people- starting with Jesus and reaching out on so many other levels as well.”

Colleen continues: “After we went to Peru on a trip with Compassion, we wrote the song ‘Beautiful Girl,’ which basically talks about whenever you sponsor a child, it gives them hope to face another day. We saw so many people crying when they met us because they were so thankful they we’re given the chance to know Jesus. It was such an eye opening experience, especially because they were so poor but all so happy and content.”

Though Carried Away has always had a large reach throughout North America, that trip and members’ subsequent involvement with Compassion have stirred up even greater global goals. Aside from those familiar areas, the trio hopes to continue writing material that appeals to the masses with a message grounded in the Gospel, while traveling beyond their comfort zones.

“Our heart and mission is to go out to all nations and teach people about Jesus,” Pam sums up. “We want to teach young girls and women in particular to obey His commandments and reach as many places as we can. We’ll go wherever God wants us to go- even if it’s Antarctica- and our goal is to go through every single door and be lights in darkness.”

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