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Remedy Drive

Fervent Records Like most brothers, Remedy Drive members David, Paul, Philip and Daniel Zach had their fair share of squabbles growing up. And with no television at home to distract them, the boys had few other outlets for their energies. Fortunately, they found common ground in their love of music. In fact, the first time they heard a guitar solo, they say it “made them feel alive.” And for four brothers who listened to a steady diet of Keith Green, it was a revelation that ended up having a profound effect on their future.

Unlike most kids, David (vocals, keys, guitar), Paul (vocals, guitars), Philip (vocals, bass), and Daniel (drums) say they’re thankful they didn’t waste countless hours in front of the tube. “We’d just come home from school and play music instead,” Paul recalls. “Music was fun, and it definitely gave us a creative outlet. And now, it’s given us a forum to ask life’s biggest questions.”

Before recently signing with Word Records, the Lincoln, Nebraska, natives’ humble beginnings evolved into an enviable Midwest and West Coast following, and Remedy Drive was playing more than 200 shows a year. Driven by an innate desire to engage audiences with a dynamic rock show that combines the raw energy of scrappy Indie rock with the colorful artistic panache of the Blue Man Group, the guys happily played wherever they were asked: summer festivals, colleges, camps, conferences and churches.

“We offer people a no-expenses-spared rock show,” Philip elaborates. “Our goal is for our audience to really enjoy themselves. Plus, they get the added benefit of hearing songs that rally against everything we’re being fed in popular culture.”

And now that Remedy Drive is signed, they’re not about to become primadonnas any time soon. In fact, not much has changed for these down-to-earth Midwesterners. While it could’ve been easy for them to assume they’d finally arrived, the brothers seem genuinely surprised to actually have a manager, let alone a publicist and booking agent. “For guys used to doing everything themselves, that’s pretty incredible,” Paul says. “And we still have our creative freedom, too.”

Joining forces with the 2008 Dove Award winner for Producer of the Year, Ian Eskelin, Remedy Drive was stretched in ways it never expected artistically. With musical influences ranging from experimental rockers like Muse and The Bravery to the more straight-ahead rock sounds of U2 and Switchfoot, Remedy Drive’s piano-driven rock shimmers with intense energy and eclecticism.

“Phil is always trying to push us in a more electro direction, which keeps us on our toes,” David says. “When I think of what Paul brings to the table—imagine a guitar player that tries to imitate a symphony. And Philip does things with bass lines that I’ve never heard anyone else do. Working together is so much fun because everyone contributes something unique.”

Lyrically speaking, the guys find inspiration in the everyday and always have a pocket-sized notebook nearby to jot down new observations. “I want our listeners to be involved with everything we do in Remedy Drive, our music should reflect real life,” Daniel says. David adds, “We’re all getting sold this lie that the stuff we own can make you happy and validate who you are. We want to sing about something permanent, something real that’ll never burn out or fade away. Ultimately, we want to give our listeners hope.”

Remedy Drive’s first radio single, “Daylight” likens the striking beauty of nature’s most basic function to life’s most challenging moments. “We wanted this jam track to be a home for a memorable lyric and melody,” David says. “In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf said ‘Look to the east at first light,’ and that’s the message we’re offering here: Even in the most desperate times – there’s a glimmer of hope with each new day because there is something to put your hope in.”

Later on in “Belong With You” the band distinguishes the difference between happiness and true joy. “We always let the music speak for itself,” David shares. “We’re not preachers or theologians; we play rock ’n’ roll. But we felt like it was important to talk about issues we all deal with. And there’s certainly got to be more to life than our own happiness.”

One of the most refreshing qualities about Remedy Drive’s work is its desire to provide food for thought without all the candy coating.

“If there’s anything Remedy Drive can do, it’s to shed light on the situation,” Philip says. “Remedy Drive is the highway we’re all on as a band, and we want to steer people toward redemption. We’ve not arrived—we’re all on a journey. And we don’t have all the answers. But we’re also not afraid to ask the questions, and we hope that our music will inspire everyone to do the same.”

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