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Cross Movement Records"I know the culture will / Teach us to be self-absorbed / We ain't supposed to be self-absorbed. I know we live in America / In the era of the self-exhorters / Where the music on the shelf's distorted and the wealth is sordid. As sure as the locusts will fly / Every where we look the focus is I / But we gotta say bye. Bye why? 'Cause in the Kingdom of God / My plus I gotta die / Takes more than I to survive."

So begins The Faith, Da' T.R.U.T.H.’s provocative 21st century lyrical epistle to the hip hop influenced Body of Christ. After passionately persuading us to choose Christ with his smash debut CD Moment of Truth, he now seeks to spark a revolution of consecrated, holy living by igniting and cultivating The Faith of the believers.

With a hard-hitting style that has become his trademark, Da' T.R.U.T.H. exposes the snares of a pluralistic society that have sought to redefine the Christian walk. He challenges believers to exercise their faith to the end that they are willing to die for what they believe in "The Legacy" — a passionate and intense tribute to Columbine martyrs Cassie and Rachel. In his production debut, the controversial, gritty, rock-flavored "Who's Team" — he sirens a call for accountability to an industry steeped in contradictory lifestyles. With the explosive inspiration of "Incredible Christian" Da' T.R.U.T.H. reminds the saints that we live in a backwards Kingdom — God graces the weak and elevates the humble. In "On Duty" — a snappy and hypnotic head nodder — he calls the church to return to the "active" duty of a visible faith. And in the soulful "22 Is Better" — featuring crooning label-mate J.R.— he affirms the power of a Biblical community.

With production powerhouses Official, J.R. and Lee Jerkins of RockSoul and featured appearances by blazing newcomers Shabach and Lecrae, label-mate Flame and harmonious duo, Keran & LaTia (S.O.U.L.), The Faith will excite us musically, while challenging us to become radical Christians—impacting the world for the Kingdom of Christ in whatever context we find ourselves.

A graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University and the Institute of Jewish Studies, Da' T.R.U.T.H.—born Emanuel Lambert, Jr.—has been devoted to urban ministry since the age of 16. A servant leader of the non-profit organization Cross Movement Ministries, he speaks nationally at churches and events across the country and has also ministered to audiences of 100,000+ at Creation Fest and other major rallies. He’s been mentioned in both Vibe Magazine and The Source and featured in New Man Magazine and a myriad of Christian and Gospel media. His national television appearances include: The INSP Network’s Steelroots and Mixx Masters Lounge and The Bobby Jones Gospel Show.


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