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Adult Contemporary

Kara Williamson

INO Records Kara Williamson’s greatest challenge in life is the very obstacle she must embrace. “Going back in life, my biggest struggle has been feeling the need to perform and be perfect all the time,” she says. “Growing up, I found myself motivated to meet people’s expectations. Even on my past work, I felt like I had to prove myself to people.”

“I still struggle with it and it makes me mad that I make things performance-based. But, God has been breaking down my self-view through the process of this record and I’m at the place now where I’m re-learning that I don’t have to do anything to gain His approval.”

Embracing her weakness and working through this self-imposed pressure makes Williamson daringly honest and remarkably confident on her new record Undisguised, landing this budding artist and songwriter squarely on her path.

With resolve to speak honestly and confidently, Williamson says, “Undisguised is about shedding the performance mentality—all the comparisons, pretending, facades, disguises. I’m admitting that I’m flawed. I’m a broken vessel—thankfully, God uses broken vessels.”

Shedding new light on the person of Kara Williamson, Undisguised builds on the vertically oriented worship music of her past. “While I’m crazy about worship music, I completely believe that this project is just as worshipful to God. Everything we do is worship because we are spiritual beings.”

Undisguised embodies a well-rounded personality that parallels Kara’s own, including songs that send honest, worshipful pleas. It is complete with a love song to husband Charley (“You Are the One”), personal takes on herself (“Dear Performer”) and encouragement to a wandering friend (“Work It Out”). The title cut “Undisguised” and a remake of Michael W. Smith’s “Unloved” bring this project to fruition.

“The song ‘Undisguised’ is a very personal song,” says Williamson. “It’s a song equally about God and my husband. Charley saw me at my worst, when I was about to break apart at the seams, and he totally fell in love with me. That’s the way God is; He takes us as we are.”

“‘Unloved’ sums up the whole record and my whole life. It’s a perfect final note. The record shows the roller coaster I’m on. I’m a mess, but the bottom line is God loves me through it all.”

Overcoming feelings of imperfection and inadequacy. Becoming comfortable in her God-given destiny. Relying on God’s approval alone. These are the lessons of Undisguised and reveal Kara Williamson’s story.

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