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Don Moen: Worshipping with Integrity

By Tim Branson
The 700 Club

CBN.comFor nearly two decades Don Moen has helped shape modern praise and worship music. Millions around the world have come to know him as a gifted worship leader and songwriter. Born and raised in northern Minnesota, Don always had an affinity for music. He studied violin at Oral Roberts University where he joined a musical group called Living Sound. They traveled around the world with evangelist Terry Law. For Don it was a training ground for things to come.

DON MOEN: A tour would be 18 months, and we would go to South Africa, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia.

TIM BRANSON: They were international tours?

DON MOEN: Correct. They weren't in the States. We just lived in peoples houses, raised our support.

TIM BRANSON: Did you lead worship during that time, or were you a utility musician?

DON MOEN: I never led worship. I played violin, trombone, guitar, and bass guitar, harmonica, banjo–you name it, I played it. That’s what I did. Forget singing. That was the farthest thing from my mind.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): But after ten years, that would change.

Don Moen DON MOEN: Terry Law came to me and said, 'It’s just going to be you and me.' I was petrified. You’re going to put me in front of people and sing? I don’t think so! But he insisted that before he speaks, Don’s going to come up and lead us in some choruses.

TIM BRANSON: Just you and the piano.

DON MOEN: Just me and the piano.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Despite his misgivings, Don was invited to sing and lead worship on a project for Michael Coleman’s fledgling Integrity Music.

DON MOEN: During that time, Mike had asked me if would I lead worship on one of these Hosanna music tapes. They were just getting started. That was Give Thanks in May of '86.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Give Thanks went Gold, and Don found himself at the forefront of contemporary praise and worship music.

TIM BRANSON: Did you ever imagine that for yourself?

DON MOEN: No, not in a million years. It was not something I desired. It was not something I was going after at all, yet God kept pushing me out there.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Don is now creative director for Integrity Music, and he has worked on hundreds of projects worldwide. He’s also written and recorded numerous songs. Many have become classics. I had the privilege of playing a couple of those with him. Don gets much of his inspiration from life itself.

DON MOEN: I’m looking for something that’s birthed out of something deep inside of me, and in order to get to that place, you have to go through serious times. I hate that about it, but a lot of times the most powerful songs are birthed out the most intense, difficult situations.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Which is how he came to write one of his most well known songs: "God Will Make a Way."

DON MOEN: That was written for my wife's sister, Susan, and her husband, Craig, who lost their 8-year-old son in a car accident. "He works in ways we cannot see." I know God gave me those words for Susan and Craig that day because it gave them hope to believe there is a future.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Over the years, Don’s music has earned numerous awards and accolades, but in his humble manner, he is quick to turn the attention away from himself.

DON MOEN: He has given me a platform, he has given me influence, and along with that influence, comes a responsibility to do what I’m called to do, which is to bring people into the presence of God and make the focus Him and not me.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): Don still travels the world and continues to record new projects. His latest release, God Will Make a Way, contains some of his most inspiring work as a songwriter and worship leader.

TIM BRANSON: What happens when we worship God?

Don Moen and Tim Branson worship God togetherDON MOEN: As we worship Him, we create a throne for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He’s with us. When He’s with us, guess what He wants to do? Heal those who are sick, save those who are lost, deliver those who are oppressed, provide for those who are needy. Those are the things God loves to do.

TIM BRANSON (reporting): And there’s no other place than God’s presence that Don would rather be.

DON MOEN: I hear Him say, 'This is what I created you for. It’s not about entertainment; it’s not about you. This is about you bringing an atmosphere to God’s people.' When I have moments like that, it confirms God’s call. There’s nothing I’d rather do than that.

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