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Kathryn Scott

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CBN.comKathryn Scott is an Irish worship leader whose songs, including “Hungry” and “At The Foot Of The Cross,” have become firm favourites in churches around the world. In most of her music, something of Kathryn’s own spiritual journey comes through and her latest album, We Still Believe, is no exception. This, her third solo project, captures her struggle to understand God’s Kingdom on Earth while also knowing that “there’s got to be more than this.”


“God’s been taking me on a journey over the last three years in understanding what it means when His Kingdom comes,” she explains. “His presence is with us as we worship and with His presence comes His Kingdom, but I wasn’t seeing the sick healed, the lost found and demons flee. And it was bothering me. A lot.”

From this, Kathryn started stepping into the uncomfortable reality of God’s Kingdom. But in doing so, instead of perfect answers, she was faced with more questions and what appeared to be more uncertainties.

Along with her husband Alan, Kathryn founded (in 1999) and pastors Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. The church has a real heart to reach the lost and see the miraculous things of God occur in their own community. As a result, Causeway has a very active healing ministry with more than 20 people going into the town centre of Coleraine every Saturday offering prayer to anyone who wants it. Hundreds have been healed.

“We have seen around 24 people healed from cancer in the last two years, some of whom were suffering from terminal conditions,” Kathryn said.

But although these miracles are awesome and wondrous, it doesn’t always work that prayers are answered the way we expect them to be.


This is something Kathryn has seen first-hand: “There was a girl with cancer in our church just over a year ago… we prayed for her with the same faith as we had for the other guys who had all been healed but she didn’t make it.

“The hardest part was to pray for the next person with cancer. That’s where the battle is. We can be tempted to give up. And yet the next person we prayed for got healed. Every time you face this stuff you face the now and the not yet of the Kingdom.

“God can intervene, but even if He doesn’t in the way you hoped for, well, we live in a war-torn world and He’s still in the process of putting his enemies under his feet.”

“We will not see the Kingdom in its complete fullness until the end.”

A huge part of what Kathryn has written about in We Still Believe is the goodness of God. But she is quick to point out that, if you press for more of the Kingdom than you have already seen, you are going to encounter questions along the way.

“If you want more, you have to start off with a core belief that God’s good, otherwise your faith gets messed up,” Kathryn counsels. “Life’s hard. We have a very real enemy but God’s always good and if you stand on that, you can still trust Him when things you were hoping for don’t happen.”

In the very throes of her walking the journey of the tensions of unanswered and answered prayers, Kathryn faced having to stand on God’s goodness in the midst of a family tragedy.

“My sister became pregnant last September and in January we found out there was something wrong with the baby,” Kathryn explains. “We walked through it knowing God could help and decided we weren’t going to not trust God if He didn’t step in like we were asking, but we believed wholeheartedly He could turn it around.”

“Cara was born at the start of May,” she continues. “She didn’t get healed and she died just two weeks later.”

“We are so grateful that we got to meet her and keep her for a little bit, even though we longed for more. But the truth is it doesn’t change one bit of who God is – He is the God who heals, and He is also the God who comforts. Where would be without Him?

“These are the moments, just as much as the ones where we can hardly believe our eyes at what has just happened in terms of miracles, where with all our hearts we can firmly say we still believe”.

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