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CeCe Winans


CBN.comCeCe Winans just had the 3rd annual Always Sisters conference to young ladies from the ages of 13-26 on July 27-28 in Nashville. The conference featured guests like: Kimberly Daniels, Donnie McClurkin, Demetrus Stewart, Tammy Bennett, Nancy Alcorn, Jenetzen Franklin, Kiki Sheard, and JoAnn Rosario. 

This years theme was "The Power of a Praying Princess." The conference incorporated sessions that deal with real issues young girls face in today's world, like "Daughters From a Father's Point of View," which deals with absent fathers, and "Sisters Frim a Brother's Point of View," dealing with what males really think about females, good or bad, and other enlightening topics. 

Attendees were also the first to see CeCe and her daughter's fashion line Ashley Rose (named for CeCe's daughter), which is a line of active wear that cater to young women who want to dress stylish without being revealing. This year's conference as attended by almost 3,000 young women.

CeCe says if the older generation doesn’t reach our younger generation and reach them quickly, we will lose them. She points out that natural tragedies and disasters like the hurricanes are “taking souls by the droves” and that it is critical for Christians to get out there now and tell people about Jesus. CeCe’s commitment to share Jesus through the conference and in her music has intensified with the passing of her brother Ronald. She had a new revelation of how short life is and that we must each be about doing what the Lord has planned for us to accomplish.

CeCe Winans, well known for her beautiful singing voice and great stage presence, readily admits she just never thought she would be a speaker. But she says she really had fun at her first Always Sisters conference (2005) in Nashville when she hosted 700 teen girls. The conference is a product of her desire to influence young women. CeCe wants young women to know “who they are and Whose they are.” 

Putting together the Always Sisters conference is her way of getting the message out. CeCe was deeply gratified to see hungry teens receive the Lord’s message of love and acceptance. She says there was great music, good speakers and lots of repentance, joy and freedom for participants and hosts. More importantly, she says a Spirit of holiness was released. CeCe made it clear that she wanted the girls to “leave out (of the conference) with the mindset to live holy before the Lord.” 

CeCe has written a new devotional book called Always Sisters. CeCe says, " It is my desire that every young lady who reads this book will learn that she is a princess chosen by God to be in His royal family and that Jesus Christ is her Friend and King." 

The book contains 22 devotions that cover relevant topics to young girls, such as image and self-esteem, dating and sexuality, impure thoughts and temptations, behavior, developing your spiritual gifts, prayer life, and much more. The book gives advice and encouragement on how to keep fellow sisters in Christ accountable.

CeCe got the inspiration to write the devotional because she wanted them to have a lifetime change, not just a one time change. CeCe says there is a great need to show girls how to walk with God daily – took a lot of the lessons from the conference that resonated. CeCe also believes mothers should go out and get the book and go through it with their daughters. Mothers must be aware of what their daughters are facing – that we teach our kids before Satan teaches them

Purified, the newest of CeCe’s CD releases is about purity, love and family. She worked with her cousin and her sisters and the result is that the CD has a comfortable, familiar feel about it. Her message that Jesus wants a pure church and it’s our responsibility to pursue purity comes out loud and clear. She is careful to point out that she is first and foremost a wife and mother. In spite of the demanding schedule, she will keep her priorities in just the same order. CeCe performed the song "You Will" from the album numerous times after the Virginia Tech tragedy.

The Winans are considered the “ the first family” of gospel music. CeCe inherited a musical legacy from Mom and Pop Winans. She was born eighth of ten children. Her siblings include famed gospel quartet The Winans (brothers Marvin, Carvin, the late Ronald and Michael), and brother Bebe. CeCe manages to stay busy as a mother and active member in her local church.


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