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Getting Real with Mary Mary

By Kristi Watts
The 700 Club KRISTI WATTS (reporting): The funky new hip-hop duo, Mary Mary, has taken Christian music to new heights, touching audiences all around the world. Their style and flavor is nothing short of fierce as they bring the message of hope, inspiration, and love of God to this generation.

TINA: God just blessed us. He gave us an opportunity to sing to the world, to give music that comes directly from our hearts and reaches the hearts of other people. That’s big. I can't believe God chose us to do it. Sometimes I feel like I’m not the most perfect individual, I’m not this Bible scholar, but God chose me to be out in front singing His praises and to know that this music is effecting so many people form every walk of life.

Mary  MaryKRISTI WATTS (reporting): In less than five years, Mary Mary has made an indelible mark on the Christian music scene. The soulful sounds of these sisters have won countless accolades for their debut album Thankful, which went platinum. Currently on tour with their sophomore album, Incredible, Tina and Erica are learning that their incredible journey has not only brought them closer to their dreams, but most importantly, closer to their Heavenly Father.

ERICA: I realized that even though I grew up in church and I had a preacher for a father, that didn’t always guarantee a wonderful relationship with Jesus. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that He’s my Savior, He is not just my parents' Savior. He is for me.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): In fact, as they learn who God is for themselves, they want to encourage others to know Him too. That means reaching people who might not otherwise hear the gospel.

ERICA: We did want our music to reach people who didn’t go to church, who might go to a club.

TINA: We wanted it played everywhere, but when it was played, we wanted them to hear something that would intrigue them and make them say, I really got to know that person their talking about. I want to know Him personally. Gospel is not only just 'feel good' music; it’s life changing. It comes to feed every hunger spot in your life, every empty area in your life.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): Areas, the sisters say, God is constantly working on in both of them. Erica and Tina admit that there are times when they find themselves struggling with everyday challenges and issues like everybody else.

Mary MaryTINA: I think it was this past year when I was having issues with myself. My attitude wasn’t right. My personality wasn’t right. I was just buggin'. I didn’t feel right enough to be a wife. I definitely didn’t feel like I was right enough to be representing God. I was just telling Erica, 'I aint nothing. I aint going to tell nobody nothing or sing something about God because I don’t even know if I’m saved. Look how I’m acting. People who know me, they know I am a very honest person. When I feel like I am not there with God, I am like, 'God I don't want to represent you know because what if I say something wrong?' I don’t want to let God down.

ERICA: If he can get you discouraged, he can stop your progression, he can stop you from moving forward. He stops you with stupid stuff. It could be your weight; it could be your relationship; it could be your job; it could be anything. Those next few steps you take, your blessing is right there, and he stops you. What I really want people to know and to hear in what we’re saying is that we’re normal people, and most Christians are. We have issues, and that’s what lets us know that we need God on a daily basis. Nobody gets a special perfect pass -- you are a perfect Christian, so you don't have any issues. No, we all have issues. We’re striving to be more like Christ and to get it right.

KRISTI WATTS (reporting): What’s in the future for Mary Mary? Only God knows. But for now, Erica and Tina just want to be true to who God has created them to be and to fully walk in their destiny.

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