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Kingsway Releases 365-Song Worship Devotional Series

Hoganson Media Relations Kingsway announces a brand new concept in compilations with the release of the Worship Devotional: A Month In Word & Worship series. This series includes a 2-CD and hard cover book for every month of the year that features one compelling worship song for every day, each accompanied by a specially commissioned devotional. This devotional unpacks the song lyrics, pointing back to scripture and guiding the reader through a written reflection on the God-centered heart of the song, along with prompts to pray and a call to action. 

Some of the best-loved worship songs, written and recently recorded by such acclaimed worshippers as Stuart Townend, Tim Hughes, Delirious?, Matt Redman, Brenton Brown, Derri Daugherty, Kelly Minter, Chris McClarney, Ben Cantelon and many more, are featured in each Worship Devotional recording.

“Throughout next year, each month will have its own Worship Devotional album, with unique tracks and inspirational devotional material,” says Steve Nicolle, Kingsway Music VP, North America. “In a world where everything is mobile and multi-tasking is an everyday experience, Worship Devotional offers a valuable tool to refresh the concept of the daily devotional.”

The full Worship Devotional track listings for January, February and March follows:

Worship Devotional: January

CD 1
Day 1: "None Like You" – Nicole Brown and Eoghan Heaslip
Day 2: "All For Jesus" – Mark Tedder
Day 3: "Grace" – Stuart Townend
Day 4: "We Will Worship Him" – Brenton Brown
Day 5: "Mercy Wakes" – Kelly Minter
Day 6: "The Message Of The Cross" – Delirious?
Day 7: "Hurricane" – Brian Houston
Day 8: "Surprising" – Geraldine Latty
Day 9: "You Make Everything Work Out" – Gareth Robinson
Day 10: "Beautiful Saviour" – Susan Ashton
Day 11: "My Jesus My Lifeline" – Tim Hughes
Day 12: "Holy Ground" – Lou Fellingham
Day 13: "Healing Grace" – Andy Bromley
Day 14: "Great Is The Love" – Noel Richards
Day 15: "No Longer Just Servants" – Matt Redman
Day 16: "Heaven Rejoices" – Lex Buckley

CD 2
Day 17: "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble" – Delirious?
Day 18: "Breathtaking" – Paul Oakley
Day 19: "Solid Ground" – Kristyn Getty
Day 20: "The Voice Of Hope" – Lara Martin
Day 21: "Better Is One Day" – Matt Redman
Day 22: "Jesus You Are" – Worthy Ben Cantelon
Day 23: "Promised Land" – Lou Fellingham
Day 24: "The Die Has Been Cast" – Godfrey Birtill
Day 25: "Let Us Run With Perseverance" – David Lyle Morris
Day 26: "Merciful God" – Tammy Trent
Day 27: "I'll Never Stop Loving You" – Martyn Layzell
Day 28: "More" – Nick Herbert
Day 29: "You Are Mystical" – Brian Houston
Day 30: "This Is Your Grace" – Jo Petch
Day 31: "Whole World In His Hands" – Tim Hughes

Worship Devotional: February

CD 1
Day 01: "Choose A Hallelujah" – Cathy Burton
Day 02: "Fill Us Up And Send Us Out" – Matt Redman
Day 03: "My God How Wonderful You Are" – Nick Herbert
Day 04: "Lost In Wonder" – Christine Dente
Day 05: "Take My Life" – Paul Oakley
Day 06: "I Am Still Willing" – Kristyn Getty
Day 07: "Lord We Wait" – Derri Daugherty
Day 08: "Treasure" – Wayne Drain
Day 09: "I've Found Jesus" – Delirious?
Day 10: "You're Still God" – Godfrey Birtill
Day 11: "Never Lose The Wonder" – Tim Hughes
Day 12: "Your Name" – Andy Bromley
Day 13: "Image Of Invisible God" – Stuart Townend
Day 14: "On That Day" – Lex Buckley
Day 15: "You Alone" – Ben Cantelon

CD 2
Day 16: "God The Victorious" – Mark Tedder
Day 17: "Passion For Jesus" – Brian Houston
Day 18: "Joined By Angels" – Lara Martin
Day 19: "I've Got A Love Song" – Matt Redman
Day 20: "The Fruit Of The Spirit" – David Lyle Morris
Day 21: "Singer's Song" – Delirious?
Day 22: "With Me" – Eoghan Heaslip
Day 23: "Nothing In This World" – Tim Hughes
Day 24: "Glory Be To God" – Kelly Minter
Day 25: "Hear The Call Of The Kingdom" – Kristyn Getty
Day 26: "Devoted" – Martyn Layzell
Day 27: "You Are My God" – Brenton Brown
Day 28: "My Soul Is Complete" – Ben Cantelon
Day 29: "Sing To The Lord" – Lou Fellingham

Worship Devotional: March

CD 1
Day 1: "Lord You Have My Heart" – Delirious?
Day 2: "Holy Holy" – Tim Hughes
Day 3: "Rejoice" – Kelly Minter
Day 4: "What You've Called Me To" – Eoghan Heaslip
Day 5: "Amazing Love" – Lou Fellingham
Day 6: "Revealer Of Mysteries" – David Lyle Morris
Day 7: "Rescuer" – Chris McClarney
Day 8: "Love Incarnate" – Stuart Townend
Day 9: "Through The Valley" – Lex Buckley
Day 10: "I Will Remember You" – Brenton Brown
Day 11: "Jesus Christ Emmanuel" – Martin Layzell
Day 12: "Oh How I Love Jesus" – Matt Redman
Day 13: "Great Is Our God" – Cathy Burton
Day 14: "Creation Sings" – Stuart Townend
Day 15: "Hallelujah" – Noel Richards
Day 16: "Praiseworthy" – Nick Herbert

CD 2
Day 17: "Hold Me" – Brian Houston
Day 18: "How Deep The Father's Love For Us" – Kelly Minter
Day 19: "God So Loved This Whole World" – Godfrey Birtill
Day 20: "Friend Of Sinners" – Matt Redman
Day 21: "Glorious Majesty" – Andy Bromley
Day 22: "In Your Name" – Mark Tedder
Day 23: "Pure Heart" – Noel Richards
Day 24: "Running After You" – Ben Cantelon
Day 25: "You Lift Up Our Heads – Kristyn Getty
Day 26: "Oh Lead Me – Delirious?
Day 27: "Father Me" – Paul Oakley
Day 28: "I Live To Worship" – Mark Stevens
Day 29: "Jesus You Alone" – Tim Hughes
Day 30: "Even As I Look Upon Your Face" – Gareth Robinson
Day 31: "I Will Never Be The Same" – Susan Ashton

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