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archive of Christian album reviews

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Unger, Justin

  • Disengage 

    After a two-year break from the music industry, former Across the Sky member Justin Unger is going solo with his newest album, Disengage. Piano-driven pop with a guitar-given edge, Disengage is an album of devotion to God. The title track gives the message of Luke 9:23-26: You have to lose your life to gain it. With this in mind, the rest of the album allows listeners to lose themselves in praise to God for His greatness and enduring faithfulness. In “Everything” Unger sings, “Everything You said You would do, You’ve already done.” And “In God Alone” proclaims God’s unique deity. Unfortunately, the use of these timeless messages means that Unger’s album isn’t very unique. His style is pleasant and his words are encouraging, but they don’t challenge the listener. It makes for nice listening today, but it will probably be forgotten in a year or two. Highlights: “Disengage,” and “Fly.” - bethany duval

Until June

  • Until June  

    Until June has something to offer all year long. With heady, high-pitched vocals that remind me of my REO Speedwagon days, these Phoenix natives embody neo-'80s L.A. pop that goes deeper than the surface to reveal the heart inside. Their debut self-titled album announces its long-awaited arrival with “Sleepless”, a great track where lead singer Josh Ballard remembers feelings of love lost. “What I’ve Done” longs for forgiveness while “Outer Space” longs for a deeper, God-like perspective. Pianos and guitars mix like a touch of Snow Patrol and Coldplay, especially on “You Do” and “Unnoticed”. Lovers of non-typical Christian music will breathe a sigh of relief that says, “Thank God ‘June’ is here.” Album Highlights: “Sleepless” and “You Do” - jennifer e. jones

Upton, Jason

Utecht, Ben

  • Ben Utecht by Ben Utecht
    When you think of NFL players and music, sports fans can’t forget the ’85 Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle”, and often try to forget about the ill-fated rap release from Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. But, unlike his gridiron predecessors, Ben Utecht is no novelty. Utecht is best known as a Super Bowl-winning tight end, but his debut album, released through Word Distribution, shows the Cincinnati Bengal’s other passion—worship. His songs are carefully-written, sincere testaments to his faith. Though the album doesn’t break any new ground stylistically, Utecht is a talented singer. Check out the album opener, “Generation”, where Utecht displays a Jeremy Camp-like ability for a catchy chorus. Other Album Highlights: “Heal Me” and “Run to You” - jesse carey

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