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How Pat Robertson Leg Pressed 2,000 Pounds

Pat Robertson worked out at the gym on an incline leg press machine with weights up to 570 pounds.  Working with his physician, who was an amazing strength trainer, he worked up to 800 pounds, then 1,000 pounds.  Then one day he was able to leg press 1,500 pounds one time.  Then over the succeeding months, he trained with multiple reps of 1,200 pounds, 1,300 pounds, and 1,400 pounds.

One Saturday morning, his physician said, “I’ll get you bragging rights.  Let’s go to 2,000 pounds.”  Then he worked up multiple reps of 1,400 pounds, 1,500 pounds, 1,600 pounds, 1,700, pounds, 1,800 pounds and 1,900 pounds.  When 2,000 pounds was put on the machine two men got on either side and helped push the load up, and then let it down on Mr. Robertson, who pushed it up one rep and let it go back down again.

Mr. Robertson warms up now at 500 pounds, and was shown on television with Kristi Watts doing 1000 pounds.

His doctor, by the way, has leg pressed 2,700 pounds.  It is not nearly as hard as the authors of these reports make it out to be.  We have multiple witnesses to the 2,000 pound leg press, plus video of the 10 reps of 1,000 pounds.

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before starting this or any new health or exercise regimen.

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