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Satisfy Your Craving

Have you ever had a craving that wouldn't go away until you could obtain the tasty treat you desired?


Lies Young Women Believe

Are you believing some of Satan's lies? Find out what lies many young women believe and how to replace them with truth.


Belinda Elliott

Belinda Elliott is a Senior Internet Producer for In this role, she manages the Family and Entertainment sections of She enjoys writing about a variety of topics including relationships, marriage, health, books, music, and movies.

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Affairs Never 'Just Happen'

Couples should be aware of the dangerous steps that lead to infidelity so they can better protect their marriages.


What's So Bad About 'The Shack?'

The Shack, by William Paul Young, has made quite an impression on readers across the nation. Is it heresy?


Staying 'Pure' in a Sex-Crazed Culture

"True love waits" sounds easy enough, but in today's culture it can be a struggle to stay pure until marriage.

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