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Ousting the Poltergeist
By David Kithcart
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Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance. That's what Valentine's day is all about, right? Well, maybe not. The origin of this holiday for the expression of love really isn't romantic at all -- at least not in the traditional sense. Father Frank O'Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells the real story of the man behind the holiday -- St. Valentine.

Planning is the key to any successful day. Author Jonni McCoy shares inexpensive yet inspiring ideas and recipes to honor those you love this holiday.

What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Here are some helpful tips proven to keep you from the Valentine's Day blues.
Whether you choose one from our list or pick up your favorite movie from the video store, sharing a romantic film with the one you love makes for a great Valentine's Day.
Author Elizabeth George shares insights to help women love their husbands the way God has called them to.
My pursuit to find an eligible suitor has let me on some ridiculous adventures.

Through an encounter at the local watering hole, God brought Old Testament Isaac his beautiful and godly bride, Rebekah. Can God bring the same kind of romantic and supernatural encounter today? Bill Bracy says yes.

With all the changes in todays family structure, couples need something more than just love to make their marriages work. Author Marita Littauer has some helpful advice.

Getting a date with that special someone -- it's not an easy song to write. It's more like a symphony for the tone deaf. Writer Jacob Glassner shares his experiences.
This is the week of Valentine's Day. It is kind of nice -- you celebrate the person you love. You make the day even more special.
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