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G.P. Taylor's 'Shadowmancer'
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G.P. Taylor's 'Shadowmancer'Shadowmancer




G. P. Taylor on Writing by the Spirit

By David Kithcart
The 700 Club David Kithcart: What is your preparation for writing?

G.P. TaylorG.P. Taylor: Before I write I always pray and just open my life to the Lord and say, “Look Lord, where are we going to go today? What do you want me to do and what do you want me to say?” I’m opening my mind and my spirit to an influence of God. So we go off and I know in my heart and in my flesh where I want the story to progress, but I want God to actually flavor it with those nuances to touch peoples’ lives.

So your spiritual preparation needs to be the same. And I can tell in my own writing where I’ve been close to the Lord and where I’ve been far away from the Lord. You can tell it. We’ve got to be honest as Christians.

Click on the link under the 'Watch Now!' button to the right to view the full interview with G.P. Taylor.

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