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A Woman’s Guide to Good Health

222 pages
Jan. 2006
ISBN: 0800787404

About the Author

Carrie L. Carter, M.D., is a regular columnist for MOMSense Magazine and co-hosts a weekly women’s health radio show called Thrive Live with Dr. Carrie Carter.

Dr. Carter is a wife and mother and resides with her family in San Diego. She has lived with chronic illness for four years--sudden onset of severe Meniere's disease (an inner ear disorder the causes constant dizziness, vertigo, fatigue) which has improved yet remained despite excellent medical, surgical, and alternative medical care. Because of her illness she has given up medical practice, but Dr. Carter is grateful to God for His faithfulness in the midst of this major life change, and grateful for the privilege to share health information with others through her books, articles, radio and TV shows.


A Woman’s Guide to Good Health – No one likes to filter through thick books of medical terms and complicated “prescriptions” to find a plan for good health.  That’s why Carrie Carter, M.D. is on a mission to educate women about health matters in an entertaining and compassionate way.  With her new book, A Woman’s Guide to Good Health (Spire, January 2006), the critically acclaimed author, radio host, speaker, and columnist reveals the simple truths within complex and technical concepts and encourages others to use these principles to improve their lives.

As an experienced primary-care physician and pediatrician, Dr. Carter knows that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the abundance of medical information available and agrees that the medical jargon often used is confusing.  With her easy-to-use, information-packed book, A Woman’s Guide to Good Health, she helps readers sort out their medical needs and offers doable solutions just right for the everyday seeker.  And, with stories and examples that the “common woman” understands, she adds a humor that is generally lacking from other health guides.

As a woman who daily struggles with her own health issues, Dr. Carter empathizes with the frustrations, guilt, and despair that women feel as they try to make lasting lifestyle changes.  That’s why she cuts through the unsympathetic and harsh dos and don’ts found in most health books and tenderly encourages women to start where they are, and to take life—and their health—one day at a time.

With her gentle and understandable woman-to-woman style, Dr. Carter addresses the topics that are most important to women, including disease prevention, low energy levels, nutrition, menopause, and spiritual health.  She also simplifies the numerous existing studies, opinions, fad diets, and weight loss schemes into her “Ten Commandments of Healthy Weight Loss.”  And, with her own stress management plan—“De-stress Before Distress”—Dr. Carter tackles not only the symptoms of stress, but also the very core issues that keep women weary, overworked, and at their wits’ end.

As a unique and practical resource based on both solid scientific and spiritual guidance, A Woman’s Guide to Good Health is sure to become a standard reference manual that women will turn to again and again—because staying healthy should be a choice, not a chore.  To learn more about Dr. Carrie Carter, please visit

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