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John Schneider in 'Hidden Secrets'

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Reginald Vel Johnson, John Schneider, Corin Nemec, Tracy Lindsey Melchior, Stacy Keanan, Gregg Binkley, , Autumn Paul, Rachael Lampa, David A.R.White and Sean Sedgwick


Carey Scott


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'Hidden Secrets' Reveals Truth

By Linda Michaels Senior Producer - Christian films are often criticized -- and rightly so -- for oversimplifying complex issues. However, Hidden Secrets is a refreshing exception, dealing with difficult subjects such as homosexuality and abortion with candor, realism and heart.

The story centers around a group of nine friends who have gathered to attend the funeral of their hometown hero. Together for the first time in years, the characters come face to face with some of their personal demons.

The characters include a scoffer, played by Dukes of Hazzard's John Schneider, a former youth pastor struggling with his faith and his future, a successful Christian writer married to a judgmental Christian named Rhonda, a friend struggling with homosexual tendencies, and the deceased’s grieving sister played by The Bold and the Beautiful star Tracy Lindsay Melchoir.

With a cast of seasoned professions such as Schneider and Melchoir, the acting was sure to hit the mark – and it did. Each of the actors does a magnificent job of portraying complex characters with honesty and authenticity. Men will particularly enjoy the interaction between the male lead and his friends as they take on the task of fixing a roof together. These scenes include some of the films best moments and a humorous break from some of the movie’s heavier themes.

While I applaud the makers of this film for tackling issues, such as a Christian’s ongoing struggle with sin, with honesty and including characters that show a side of Christians that we sometimes don’t want to admit exists, I found myself wondering if they didn’t go a bit far with the character Rhonda. While I have met judgmental Christians before, I have never met one as devoid of likability as this particular character. In the film, even her husband can’t stand her, and rightly so. My one fear is that some will find this character so offensive that they will be turned off before she begins her transformation into a kinder gentler believer.

However, that one criticism does not keep me from recommending this film for its authenticity, along with the movie’s powerful theme of redemption and forgiveness. Hidden Secrets is sure to leave viewers deeply touched by its positive message and grateful for the talented people who created this moving film.


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