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You've Already Got It!
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You've Already Got It!

(Harrison House Publishers)

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You've Already Got It!

By Andrew Wommack Drawing the Line

When my wife and I first started out in ministry, we were so poor we couldn’t even pay attention! The Lord had already blessed us with financial prosperity, but I wasn’t cooperating with His laws for releasing it. In fact, I was violating a number of instructions in God’s Word. Therefore, we really struggled until I learned some things and adjusted accordingly. God loved us, and we didn’t starve to death, but we didn’t prosper until we understood how His kingdom works and began to cooperate.

During that period of time, I didn’t even have a complete Bible. Mine had gone through Vietnam with me. It was so beat up and marked up that most passages could hardly be read. Also, entire books had fallen out and been lost. Here I was pastoring this little church in Segoville, Texas, without a full Bible!

Right or wrong, I made a decision. “Father, I have to start seeing Your power manifest somewhere. If I can’t believe You for enough money to buy a new Bible, how am I going to believe You for enough money to lead people into salvation and see them healed, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit?” I just made an issue out of it, saying, “God, this faith either works, or I’m going to die right here. The outcome of this battle determines whether or not I’m going on.” To me, this was non-negotiable.

So I started believing God for a new Bible. All told, it took me six months to get enough money to buy it! It’s not that this wasn’t my priority. It’s just that finances for us were tight. My wife and I would go two or three weeks without food—even when she was eight months pregnant—because we just didn’t have it. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it took me six months to believe for the extra twenty-five dollars to go buy a Bible.

To some people, financial “trouble” is having $1,000 in the bank and $1,100 worth of bills. We didn’t even have a bank account—much less any money to put in it! There were days when we’d go without a penny in our pockets. I’d even pick up Coke bottles just to get gas money.

Dealing With Doubt

Satan plagued me that entire time. I fought doubt constantly. There probably wasn’t a ten-minute period of time during my waking hours for six months that I didn’t have some thought like, It’s not going to work. You’ll never get it. You don’t even have a Bible. Some man of God you are! I’d have to throw down those thoughts and say, “No! In the name of Jesus, I do have my Bible!” I fought these constant, unrelenting thoughts for six whole months.

Finally, I had enough money. So I went to a bookstore, bought a Bible, and had my name engraved on it. It was mine! After I walked out the door with that new Bible under my arm, I never again doubted that I’d get it.

“Well, of course! Why would you doubt that you’d get something you’ve already got?” My point exactly!

Do you know why you have to counter this thought, I’m going to die, immediately after praying, “O Lord, please heal me”? It’s because you don’t believe you’ve already been healed. You believe God can heal you, but you’re waiting on Him to do so. That’s wrong! God has already released His healing power. You aren’t waiting on God to heal you; God is waiting on you to appropriate what He’s already done.

Believe and Receive!

It’s like that television signal. The signal is already being broadcast. If you aren’t seeing the picture, it’s not God who isn’t transmitting; it’s your receiver that isn’t working right. You need to get into the owner’s manual—God’s Word—and start studying. Find out how to turn that thing on, tune it in, eliminate the static, and deal with things to get the best reception.

Don’t say, “I’m waiting on God!” That’s not how it works. “By whose stripes ye were healed” (1 Peter 2:24, emphasis mine). God is waiting on you to believe and receive!

Since I’ve begun teaching this, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the amount of people receiving their healing. They are no longer just asking and waiting on God to do it. Instead, they’re believing what the Lord has already done. They’re taking their authority and commanding what’s already been provided to come into manifestation. The results have been awesome!

My oldest son, Joshua, became sick and looked like he was going to die. Jamie and I fought it, stood against it, and finally he got better. This happened several years in a row. Finally, I saw this coming back on him again and sought the Lord about it. I prayed, “Lord, what’s wrong?” He answered, “The problem is that you are fighting to get healed instead of fighting because you’ve been healed. You’re trying to obtain healing instead of defending the healing you already have.” Once I understood this, things turned around.

Don’t fight to get healed; fight because you’ve been healed! Don’t fight in an attempt to obtain healing; fight to defend the healing that’s already been provided for you in Christ!

Allow this revelation to sink in and change your attitude toward everything you receive from the Lord!

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Excerpted from You've Already Got It! by Andrew Wommack. Published by Harrison House Publishers. Used with permission.

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