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Wake Up and Dream

Courtesy of The B&B Media Group – With a clear dream, you wake up expectantly. You face challenges with a postive mental toughness. You know where you are going. Without a dream, it is typical to sleep as late as possible, drag through the day, and flop into bed exhausted, only to repeat the routine tomorrow.

Most of us can look back to a time in our lives when the future seemed limitless.  As young people—before we were programmed by the negative influences of the world or burdened by the expectations of others—we were free to dream big dreams.  With the passing of years, lulled by the hypnotic routine of “doing work to pay the bills,” we often find ourselves sleepwalking through life—but we have forgotten how to dream. Many wonder if the process of pursuing a dream is even beneficial. 

In their new book, Dreaming Big, authors Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets sound the wake-up call, inviting readers to discover, refine, and live their dreams—with eyes wide open.

The authors invite readers to dig to the roots of their passions, to weed out what isn’t productive, to water what brings real happiness, and to enjoy the fruit of their labor.  Though readers are encouraged to read at their own pace, the book is divided into thirty-one chapters that serve as a guide for a month-long journey to developing a Life Dream—a crystal clear vision of the difference you want to make in the future.  When your Life Dream is crystal clear, you can:

  • Express your dream in thirty seconds or less;
  • Move on from where you are to where you want to be;
  • Energize yourself for the rest of your life.

Your life dream may be so big it cannot be contained in one short lifetime or reached by yourself alone. Dreaming Big teaches you how to build a team that will share your dream, take it to new heights, and influence the next generation.

The Five Steps to Dreaming Big

Step 1: Discovering Your Dream: Although you have dreams that are important to you, there may be one over-arching dream that has gone undetected. Look for it and you will discover it.

Step 2: Refining Your Dream: Refining is the process of weeding out what is not really important and nurturing what is. It’s replaying mental pictures of your future with increasing focus so that you not only imagine what your desirable outcome would be like ... but you move toward it.

Step 3: Living Your Dream: After you have had the opportunity to refine your dreams, including your Life Dream, it’s time to move confidently in the direction of those dreams. Even when the way is difficult, if you endeavor to live the life you’ve imagined, you will meet with success—often when you least expect it. It’s one of the wonderful benefits of dreaming big.

Step 4: Teach Your Team to Dream: Teaching others to dream is one of the most rewarding aspects of dreaming big. Your leadership directly influences the quality and direction of other people’s lives. And together you accomplish so much more. Teamwork makes dreaming big work.

Step 5: Encouraging Your Team: When you listen to team members, you cheer them up. You encourage them to win in the pursuit of a Life Dream. And when you encourage your team, even though they don’t do things exactly right, you will have a good return for your work. You’ll have friends for life.

Dreaming Big is for those who want to harness their core passions into a daily productivity powered by natural energy. Get your copy of Dreaming Big to begin the adventure of finding, clarifying, and enjoying your dream.

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