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Faith Lessons From Flying Penguins

Jennifer Rothschild
Author of "Fresh Grounded Faith" – On our flight from Tulsa to Dallas, some unique passengers joined us. His name was Pete, her name was Penny. And their last name was Penguin.

As my friend Melinda and I checked in, we did so with the penguins and their accompanying humans. They were from Sea World in San Antonio and were returning from a multiple-city goodwill tour, where they visited children’s hospitals. The ticket agent ushered Melinda and me, along with the penguins, to the hallway, where we waited to board the plane. If you are blind (or if you’re a penguin), you get to board earlier than the sighted human passengers.

As we waited, we began to question the trainer as to penguin protocol.

After a comfort level was established, I asked the trainer if he would mind our taking a picture of the penguins so we could show our children. He was very accommodating and offered for us to kneel next to the crates where Pete and Penny traveled.

As we knelt, much to our surprise, the handler opened the crates and placed Pete on my lap and Penny on the lap of my friend.

We were astonished. It was the most amazing experience to touch a little ten-pound penguin named Pete. He waddled around for us in his little tuxedo as if he knew he had an adoring audience.

Once we boarded, the flight attendant announced that Pete and Penny would take a customary walk down the aisle of the aircraft.

The crowd extended a collective sigh of fascination as the penguin couple weebled and wobbled like two little married people trying to find their seats, all the while squawking at each other. I laughingly told Melinda, “That’s Phil and me in 50 years.”

We were all taught in grade school that penguins can’t fly. Well, Pete and Penny did. When I think of the penguins, I’m reminded that right in the middle of ordinary days, sometimes God interrupts with just a breath of magic. Sometimes He lets us hear music that causes our hearts to skip a beat, or He gives us a Pete-and-Penny moment with a reason to laugh—one of those big laughs that makes our eyes water.

What an amazing God, who created those two little toddlers in tuxedos. And what an amazing God, who interrupted my ordinary day with such an extraordinary enchantment.

Expect your extraordinary God to interrupt your ordinary day with a glimpse of His wonder today. And, my friend, tune in! Open the eyes of faith and look for His shadow on your sidewalk; listen for His voice in the chatter of a crowd. He wants to enchant you with who He is today.

Invite Him to do just that.

O LORD, how many are Your works!
In wisdom You have made them all;
The earth is full of Your possessions.

- Psalm 104:24 NASB


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Excerpted from Fresh Grounded Faith by Jennifer Rothschild, Copyright 2009, Harvest House Publishers. Used with permission. May not be further reproduced. All rights reserved.

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