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Kathy Troccoli's 'Spaghetti for the Soul'

By Paula Friedrichsen
Guest Writer – Kathy Troccoli is an award-wining singer, songwriter, and author of ten books, including the bestseller Falling in Love with Jesus. With album sales topping two million, her music career includes more than 17 number one radio hits, three Grammy nominations and two Dove Awards. Raised in New York, Kathy now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ellie Lofaro is an author, Bible teacher, popular conference speaker, and the founder of Heart, Mind & Soul Ministries. A native New Yorker, Ellie is a first-generation American raised in a quintessentially Italian family. She and her husband, Frank, live with their three (usually) wonderful kids near Washington, D.C.

Kathy and Ellie recently teamed up to co-write Spaghetti for the Soul: A Feast of Faith, Home, and Love (WaterBrook 2008). Recently I had the pleasure of talking with these two women about their latest publishing endeavor.
Well ladies, I’m thrilled to speak to you about Spaghetti for the Soul and to find out the back story on this writing project. First off, how did you two become friends?

We met at a Christmas event on Long Island. We ended up having a long conversation over lunch one day, and found out that we had so much in common. We have been friends now for 19 years.
Why is spaghetti good for the soul?

Spaghetti is satisfying, it is nourishing, it is celebratory, and spaghetti is intrinsically abundant. As Italian women, we found that we could easily invite you to feast at a table where God promises to fill your soul with all of these things.
How do you describe “la dolce vita”? 

The sweet life; the good life. Jesus promised in John 10:10 that He would give us more life, a better life than we ever dreamed of. It is amazing how many of us continue to eat off the crumbs of God’s table, instead of enjoying the feast that the Lord has for us.
What are the three essential ingredients for abundant life?

To feast on abundant faith, abundant hope, and abundant love – the essential ingredients of a healthy spiritual and emotional life. God has prepared this feast for us, but we must partake of it and enjoy it.
Does abundant life mean getting more “stuff” —money, a bigger house, fame, etc?

Sometimes “stuff” can make life easier, but “stuff” never fulfills the deepest longing of someone’s soul. The Bible says that we are to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  When we journey with Him through this life, we do find supernatural comfort, peace, and love even in the hardest of circumstances.
What does “triumphant” faith mean, and why can it be so difficult to maintain? 

In our humanness it is so easy to look at our circumstances and believe the worst will transpire. We also can be deceived by our feelings. Triumphant faith transcends circumstances and feelings by holding onto the truths of God’s word. God has a plan and is always working behind the scenes. Although a day or season can look so dark, because of the resurrection we know that the Lord brings new days filled with new hope.
Kathy, you’ve gone through some tough times, struggling with depression and bulimia. How did you hold onto hope during your darkest times?

I needed to be honest about where I was at, because we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. I made sure that I kept people close by that would encourage me in things of God and truly pray for me. When we remain by ourselves, we will often hide and the days just get darker.
Why is it important to choose carefully what we put into our mind, by being selective in what we read, watch, and listen to? 

What we hear and what we see and what we put ourselves around, is often what we will believe and become. If you are around a group of people who speak certain ways and believe certain things, you will soon see that you will be mightily influenced by them. It is a fact that what you pour into your soul, will pour out of your soul. Many Christians get lazy and sloppy with this, and then find themselves far away from God and His people. It is important to daily be aware of what we are allowing to come into our hearts and minds.
Thanks ladies, I’ve enjoyed our interview!

To read more pick up a copy of Spaghetti for the Soul: A Feast of Faith, Home, and Love.

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Paula Friedrichsen is a writer and speaker who lives in Central California with her family. Visit her Web site at

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