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Justin Lookadoo
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Chat Room Chatter: The Buzz on Prom Dates, Superheroes & the Universe at Large


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Chat Room Chatter: Answers for Teens

CBN.comNashville, TN – It’s been a record breaking summer for Christian author-youth speaker extraordinaire Justin Lookadoo who has a new book Chat Room Chatter releasing this month. The book is the follow-up to his most recent best seller 97 (Revell).

Speaking in front of record-setting crowds this summer at the Creation West Festival in Gorge, Washington, Lookadoo’s leap to the mainstream stage in front of massive crowds of youthful concert goers is a short hop for the lanky 6’7” literary legend.

Lookadoo is a former Youth Probation Officer from the Texas Correctional System who stepped out of the system for a more non-conventional role of spiked hair pied piper with a profound message that reaches kids with the positive. This summer as a keynote speaker at Creation West, and earlier this summer for the Creation East Festival presentation in Pennsylvania, he found himself in two appearances alone before a a total, of more than 170,000 young people. His favorite crowd.

“I spoke twice at Creation East—once to a crowd of more than 20,000—the other on the mainstage in front of 65,000.  One of the things I do is stand up and ask someone in the audience to come take a free $20.00 bill that I offer—and invariably there’s always a hesitation time—people don’t trust a free gift—much like the gift Jesus offers. It proves a huge point visually and kids are all about the visual and the authentic. My commitment time is not the typical altar call—we do a wave like you would see at a ballgame.  Kids just ride the wave to the edge of the stage into the prayer tent—where I meet with them—it’s a powerful time.”

Lookadoo’s new book, soon to unveil, is the culmination of more than six years of inspiration and research.  “It’s compiled from the key questions I get asked over and over in my speaking engagements when I have inter-active lines open for kids to get real with the issues they’re facing.  Whether they write them on scraps of paper and pass them up to me—like you’ll see in the new book—or just get the courage to come out in front of the crowd with their problems—this book was written to answer the real questions kids are asking.  It’s a read that parents shouldn’t miss.”

Looking ahead to ’08, Lookadoo will creatively re-enter and re-invent his atmosphere with a series of Dateable Conferences—birthed from his best-selling book Dateable which has now become a major success franchise in Christian book circles.  Complete with costume changes and a full multi-media presentation and aimed at high school and college crowds, it will continue to be the ever growing, always madcap "live experience" that can only be described as "Lookadoo."

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