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What Color is God?

By Beth Patch Producer – Those of us who have either been blessed with a caring grandmother or are enjoying being a grandmother, can attest to the fact that a special bond exists in that relationship. Grandmothers’ hearts contain love, wisdom and insight, especially for little children. I would argue that God uses grandmothers, or other special mentors with the same kind of heart, to usher in His truths to the inquiring, innocent minds of children.

Grandmother and author, Virginia Hunt, needed to respond to her four-year-old granddaughter’s question, “Grandnanny, what color is God?” Shonette attended a Christian school where pictures hung on the wall depicting people in the Bible. By this age, she had seen pictures of Jesus in many places and not all of them pictured him alike. Just what race is he? That’s what she wanted her grandmother to tell her. After all, Grandnanny knows everything about God, her adoring grandchild believed.

Virginia heard the question, but didn’t answer her granddaughter right away. If you’ve ever spent time with a four-year-old, you’re aware that a five minute span can include over 20 questions from an inquisitive toddler. So the afternoon progressed as usual and Shonette never pressed her grandmother for an answer to that specific question. And perhaps Virginia wouldn’t have thought about it again.

“Later that day as I was sitting down on my couch, God directed me to look out the window. As I did, God just opened my eyes in a more sensitive manner, because God has a way of revealing things to us. We can look at something every day, and it’s just a simple tree and then sometimes God will give us a different revelation, a special insight,” Virginia said.

As she enjoyed the view, Virginia said that God impressed upon her how incapable we are as humans of creating any of the beautiful natural things she could see: birds that fly, water that flows, trees, and grass that grows.

“Therefore, He let me realize, at that moment, that the color of God is all around us and it’s the power of God,” Virginia said. Now she had an answer to share with her granddaughter and, as an inspired author, an answer for children everywhere.

In her book, Grandnanny, What Color is God? (Tate Publishing), Virginia Hunt uses her God inspired revelation to answer the profound question of the color of God. She uses child-friendly poetry with full color illustrations as she carries her young readers through a typical day, pointing out how God is an intrinsic part of all the many things children enjoy.

Nighttime, for some children, can be their least favorite part of a day. The author sheds God’s positive light as she describes how the stars and moon provide light,

Shinning, twinkling stars
lead the way for sight,
While the moon,
like a giant lamp, softly lays us down to sleep
with eyes shut tight!

She introduces God as the color of light that can be seen in sunshine and nighttime. The reader perceives that light, a characteristic of God, shines through the darkness, a purposeful foundational truth.

“When I wrote the book, I wrote it in less than two weeks. I wrote the majority of it in one day, but I had to go back and ask things. I did some research, thoughts from Revelation and thoughts from Genesis. In Revelation, it talks about the rainbow being in the throne of God,” Virginia said.

In one of the pages of the book, it says,

The color of God
is every color
you'll ever see! ...
Just look at the rainbow,
how the colors hug so tight!
All colors together look so right!

Faithful to the revelation that God gave Virginia Hunt, she not only needed to express color in its traditional view. She had to incorporate God’s power, His creativeness, and His love.

Using poetry, she leads the child reader to think of the wonder of all the different kinds of wings created, displayed by eagles, owls, and bats. She uses light humor in the line, “Now who but God would think to create bats with wings like that?”

On each page, as Virginia’s poetry opens with, “The color of God is . . .,” she delights young minds with new concepts about ordinary things: sounds they hear, how water brings life, and races of people.

Each page contains exquisite artwork that flows across an entire page with simple images for young children, but beauty any adult reader would enjoy. The illustrations balance each page of poetry, giving the visualization of the color of God expressed by the author.

The words used in the poetry are basic enough for most young readers to read themselves, but when read by someone who can make the appropriate pauses and inflections, the reader paints the beautiful color of God as they read and share the illustrations. Audio versions of Virginia Hunt reading the poetry are also available.

Virginia Hunt has nine grand-children and lives in Virginia. She was raised by her grandmother, along with her siblings. Although her grandmother was not a spiritual mentor, Virginia was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through her grandmother’s neighbor, Iris Valentine.

This children’s book weaves foundational Biblical truths on each page and with each line. It would be an asset to any Christian home or school.

Virginia has written two other children’s books, Grandnanny, May I Come to Your House? and Santa’s in a Taxi. She also wrote a book of poetry for adults titled, Viewing the Human in Me (self-published). Virginia is currently writing a screenplay for Santa’s in a Taxi that will be produced this Christmas through a local effort.

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