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Experience the Resurrection

Courtesy of Multnomah Books Without an experiential encounter with God, believers are faced with a search for something more than they’ve known, contends Dr. Henry Blackaby and his son Dr. Melvin Blackaby. In their new book, Experiencing the Resurrection (Multnomah Books), the Blackabys help readers move beyond a simple belief in Christ’s resurrection to triumphantly experience God’s blessings as never before.

The authors invite readers to experience the living Christ moment by moment, first by exploring the resurrection in the mind and heart of God, then by revealing it through the life of Jesus, and finally by helping readers experience personally the peace, joy, power, authority, confidence, and hope that the resurrection can generate.

“Christ’s resurrection represents the culmination and fulfillment of God’s redemptive purpose,” say the Blackabys. “The resurrection is the absolutely necessary conclusion to the whole cross event. It conveys God’s final word…not death, but life!” Emphasizing the early teachings of the apostles regarding the power of the resurrection, the authors move readers beyond a simple understanding of Christ’s resurrection to absolute sureness of God’s triumph over death and the blessings therein.

Experiencing the Resurrection continues the classic Blackaby tradition of melding Scripture content with constant encouragement toward a personal experience with God. Releasing just in time for Easter, this hope-filled, new book follows Jesus on the road from the cross where He purchased salvation, to the resurrection where He guaranteed it for all time.

An accompanying study guide offers practical guidance for applying the Blackabys’ timeless lessons to everyday lives, challenging believers to become living witnesses of Christ’s resurrection to the world.

Read an excerpt.

About the Authors

Dr. Henry Blackaby, president emeritus of Blackaby Ministries, is the author of more than a dozen books, including the bestselling classic Experiencing God. He has spent his life in ministry, serving as a music director and as a senior pastor for churches in California and Canada. Today he provides consultative leadership on prayer for revival and spiritual awakening on a global level. He and his wife make their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Melvin Blackaby coauthored with his father, Henry Blackaby, the Gold Medallion winner Experiencing God Together. He travels extensively as a conference speaker. He and his wife and their three children live in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, where he serves as senior pastor of Bow Valley Baptist Church.

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