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'Deception' by Randy Alcorn

Rite of Passage Parenting

By Walker Moore

(Thomas Nelson)

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Rite of Passage Parenting

By Amy Mozombite
Guest Writer Really, who needs another parenting book?  Most parents with young children, like myself, have read a fair share of the lot: topics ranging from raising boys to potty training in a few hours; disciplining creatively to developing sleeping patterns that last.  In most bookstores there is an entire section devoted to this material, covering vast selections of possible parental mistakes and pitfalls. How could there possibly be a new angle?

Until I heard Walker Moore speak, I had no desire to pursue another parenting manual. We had recently attended several conferences where he was featured.  I always enjoyed hearing Moore speak, his passion for the Lord was evident while he calls his audience towards obedience to God through marvelous stories that only the Almighty could perform, with added Walker humor. These meetings instilled in me a deep sense that God was at work in the world and I wanted to be a part of it all.

During the third conference, my husband and I were fortunate to have two dinner opportunities to really hear Walker Moore’s heart up close. From these two evenings, I really got a sense that he truly had hit on something that could help parents and that he wanted to take those of us floundering around and help us plant our feet on four essential experiences that worked for his family.  He is not so bold to think that he knew it all back when he was starting the parental journey, which frankly opened my heart to his message, but more a man looking back and wanting to share what he learned along the way.  His other credentials being his passion for youth, serving many years as a youth pastor; the many youth mission trips he takes each year in his ministry working with Awe Star Ministries (; and his years working with families.

Walker Moore builds his theory around the four essential experiences including: rite of passage, significant task, logical consequences, and grace deposits. Each experience has three chapters devoted to explanation, what it looks like, and how we as parents might take steps to build that into our children.  The point being to allow our children to go from childhood to become emerging adults and preparing them to take on the responsibilities for which they were created.  Each of the four elements is logical and possible for every family.

The book was an easy read, capturing much of Moore’s sense of humor and candid style while showing the reader how we got to this point in history and the cultural shifts that brought us here.  A clear view down the decades makes it evident where we are today in our parenting and in childhood behaviors.  Walker also shows how other cultures follow their own rites of passage, which is a good place to ponder our own way of doing life here in America. It is a thoughtful read as well as practical.

An avid reader, I only keep books on my shelf that I either have not read, plan to read again or reference.  Rite of Passage Parenting is one that will have a home on my shelf when not being loaned.  As my children grow, I plan to implement these essential experiences as my goal is as Walker States is to “ develop capable, responsible, self-reliant adults by equipping them for life” (233). 

Our generation needs this book.


Purchase your copy of Rite of Passage Parenting.

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Amy and her husband David currently serve with MMS Aviation, a mission whose goal is to prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service. An avid reader, Amy has taught reading and writing and has several lesson plans published online. Email her at


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