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Simplify: 106 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

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Learn to Simplify Your Life

By Paul Borthwick –Do you find that while working to “have it all” you are busier than ever but experiencing less personal satisfaction?  Despite all your efforts, is your “to-do” list beginning to look like a novel?  Is your over-booked schedule interfering with or causing damage to the relationships you have with God and the most important people in your lives?

In Simplify: 106 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life, author Paul Borthwick reveals how millions of people have become addicted to the seductive power of a fast-paced life.  As a result, their lives are characterized not by happiness and satisfaction, but by chaos, scheduling conflicts and the inability to maintain meaningful relationships.  In Simplify, Borthwick uses his wit and wisdom to bring into focus that, although everyone feels the demands caused by the limited resources of time and money, it is imperative that we find ways to build quiet, rest, and simplicity into our lives if we want to experience the kind of joy and satisfaction in living that God has planned for us.

Broken into short, sensible suggestions, Simplify: 106 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life offers practical, life-changing encouragement that provides:

  • Practical ideas you can use in daily living;
  • Suggestions that fit into real-world lifestyles—not ones designed by someone who has a housekeeper;
  • Challenging questions that help you reprioritize and adjust your expectations;
  • Enjoyable alternatives to the rat race that enable you to enjoy living a less-stressful life;
  • Ideas that will lead you to personal growth, spiritual refreshment, and family unity;
  • Helpful answers to troubles you have with finances, schedules, technology, health and fitness.

Borthwick serves on the staff of Development Associates International, a world-renowned training group that focuses its efforts on the character and ministry development of leaders.  He teaches missions at Gordon College and serves as an Urbana/Missions Associate with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.  A prolific author whose titles include A Mind for Missions, Feeding Your Forgotten Soul, and How to Be a World-Class Christian, his work is often referenced by other great authors of our time.  Rick Warren (in Purpose-Driven Life) has cited Borthwick’s books as resources that “should be read by every Christian.”

Simplify enables readers to make the choices that will restore balance to their lives, one step at a time.  The treasure readers find within its pages allows them to live with a greater sense of inner contentment, enjoyment of life, and increased sense of purpose.

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