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Priscilla Shirer
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Fervent: An Interview with Priscilla Shirer

By Beth Patch Producer

Recently, enjoyed a brief interview with Priscilla Shirer, author of Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer, and recent star in the movie, War Room.

Beth Patch: What is the central message you believe God wants people to hear through your book?

Priscilla Shirer: I'm hoping that people will be reminded about the importance of strategy in our prayer life, intentionality about it. I think that we place such a priority on consistency, that we've missed on remembering that being thoughtful about what we're actually saying is also important, and that God has given us powerful promises that we need to incorporate into our prayers. That's what sends the enemy to flight is God's Words, not our words. So using them, being strategic to pray God's own Word, being thoughtful about where we see the enemy at work and then applying God's Word will change our prayer lives.

Beth: What do you believe God has shown you personally about praying specifically and strategically?

Priscilla: He has shown me that taking the time to do it is not a waste of time. I think that sometimes we're kind of trying to hurry through our devotional life or hurry through our prayer time, and we're just trying to finish so that we can check something off on a box that says we did it. When we really pour ourselves in and devote ourselves to prayer, then what happens is we end up actually reaping more benefit than we even had planned to. So the Lord softens our heart, He tenderizes our soul, He allows us to become more sensitive to Him in other areas of our life. When we go to our prayer closet, and we started out praying for someone else or about that person, or how this circumstance can change, we find ourselves being enriched in terms of God, Himself, saying to us, well, actually, here's how you need to be changed, here's what you need to do and by my spirit, I'm going to empower you so that you can.

Beth: Well, praying is so simple and so hard all at the same time. What would be your advice to someone who feels their prayers are falling on deaf ears?

Priscilla: I think one of the first bits of encouragement would be to go to the Word of God already and find the scripture verses that say the opposite, and post those scriptures. Micah 7:7 says that He hears you when you pray. And so, little reminders like that that can begin to encourage you and lift that cloak of discouragement and doubt off of you would be the first things to begin to start praying about, also to surround yourself with people who are faith-filled, people that have seen their prayers being answered and can remind you about God's ability to do even the most impossible task. In fact, He specializes in impossible tasks. So when those are the people that are in your sphere of influence, you begin to find yourself even more faith-filled and encouraged than you could be if you were going at it alone.

Beth: Great, thank you. This was quick, and I know you've got a terribly busy day, so I was just wanted to get a few questions in. Thank you so much.

Priscilla: I appreciate it. You're so welcome.

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