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Through the Bible, Through the Year
Through the Bible, Through the Year (Baker Books)


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By Hannah Goodwyn Producer

CBN.comDon’t get me wrong; I have a deep love and respect for the Bible, the inspired Word of God. But, if I’m completely honest with myself, I must admit that it overwhelms at times. 

This historical work of art is chalk full of so many beautifully written passages and life-changing stories. With so much to offer though, it’s hard to know where to start with this great historical, yet always relevant, book when it’s devotion time.

That’s where John Stott’s new book, Through the Bible, Through the Year, is most helpful.  It organizes the important messages within God’s Word in such a way that readers can learn so much from just one verse. From Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, he examines chapters and verses from each book and what they mean for us as individuals and all of humanity.

If you’ve ever wanted to go back to your roots or ground yourself in the foundational truths of faith in God, this is a good place to start. This book clearly explains core Christian values based on the Word of God and encourages the study of the greatest book ever written.  Artist Fred Apps's beautiful illustrations within the pages of this book are an appealing visual bonus for readers to enjoy as they spend time in God’s presence.

As you read Through the Bible, Through the Year, you'll learn more about God, what He’s done in the past and what His plans are for the future, as well as our role as His creation in it. The author's explanations lay out beliefs new followers of Christ should adopt and remind us of the basics Christians must never forget.

Stott's book is split into three parts with each sectioned in four-month increments. In its first few pages, Stott goes beyond the traditional explanations of Genesis 1 and 2. He not only touches on God’s creative power, but also observes how God views human sexuality, the Sabbath, and His very image.

During the first four months, readers will be taken on a journey through the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Christ. You may start reading any section at any time you wish. However, Stott designed this section to be read between September and December so that the celebration of Christ’s birth correlated with his thoughts.

Then, he studies the Gospels and Jesus’s life on this Earth. Finally, you’ll get a chance to learn more from the New Testament about the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. Stott’s reflections are featured on a weekly basis, and every day looks at a different verse from that particular part of the Bible and the truth behind the verse. At the end of the pages, he also offers additional scripture references for further reading. 

Through the Bible, Through the Year works as a personal devotional book for daily Bible study and also would be a great gift for a loved one who wants to learn more from God’s Word. Stott’s concise, straightforward, and enlightening responses will edify as you study the Truth.

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