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'The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything'

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Jan. 11, 2008


Animation, Comedy, Action/Adventure


Mike Nawrocki


Phil Vischer


Universal Pictures Distribution


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The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

By Belinda Elliott Daily Life Producer - Seven years after their first full-length feature film, Jonah, VeggieTales brings us a new movie, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.

The film follows the adventures of three unlikely heroes who have been tasked with a daring rescue mission. Elliot, Sedgewick, and George (aka Larry the Cucumber, Mr. Lunt, and Pa Grape) work as busboys in a dinner theater that features a pirate-themed show. When the three pals try out their own acting abilities as pirates, disaster results.

As they accept that perhaps they will never be more than a bunch of misfits, they suddenly find themselves thrust into an adventure. They are transported back to the seventeenth century, where they must battle an evil ruler to rescue a royal family. The fake pirating adventures portrayed in their restaurant become all too real as they face their fears and learn what it takes to be heroes. 

The film is a fun adventure for the whole family. Just as Veggie fans have come to expect, the film offers an exciting adventure, a good amount of laughs, and valuable life lessons. As the trio of pirates set sail on the high seas, their perilous journey and the various obstacles they face create a faster pace for the film than what Jonah offered.

VeggieTale filmmakers are also well known for offering enjoyable music in their films and videos, and this movie is no exception. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything features an array of toe-tapping tunes. Several Christian music artists contribute their talents, including Peter Furler of the Newsboys, Steve Taylor, TobyMac, and Mandisa, of “American Idol” fame.

Some critics have expressed concern that the story is not a retelling of a Bible story like Jonah. But parents can rest assured the film is grounded in Christian principles.

The story is a parable that teaches children about heroes, said Phil Vischer, writer of the film. He said he wanted to approach the topic by way of an entertaining story, like the parables Jesus told, to appeal to a wider audience.

With that in mind he turned to the three lovable but lazy pirate characters that had been featured in Jonah. The trio of “pirates who don’t do anything,” were further popularized in a VeggieTales silly song that was covered by Christian Rock band Relient K. Their song is featured in the film’s trailer.

The three pirates are not characters who see themselves as heroes. They do not feel equipped enough to handle the task they have been given, but they learn that they don’t have to be the strongest, or smartest, or fastest to be heroes. They must simply look to God to provide what they lack.

“We just think it’s a great way to pass on a really important Christian lesson to our kids in that God has an adventure in store for them,” Vischer says. “If they answer His call, He will give them everything they need to be the heroes they’ve always wanted to be.”

The result is a delightful tale with lessons of heroism that come across clearly.

The film opens in theaters January 11. For more information, visit the movie’s Web site,

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