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The Adventures of Tintin

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Kids/Family, Animation


Dec. 21, 2011


Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Cary Elwes, Toby Jones


Steven Spielberg


Paramount Pictures

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Christian Movie Review

The Adventures of Tintin

By Dr. Jayce O'Neal
Contributing Critic - The Adventures of Tintin is a new animated feature-length film based on a classic Belgian comic, directed by Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones) and produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings). Tintin is largely recognized as one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century.

Bottom Line

Tintin is a young boy who moonlights as a journalist, aided by his loyal dog Snowy. He finds himself caught amidst a “story” that leads him all over the globe in search to discover treasure, family lines, and hidden motives. In the movie, Tintin already has established a reputation as a do-gooder and mystery solver. His thirst for the story and moral conviction to do what is right leads him into his adventures.

Thumbs Up

The animation is downright amazing. Jackson’s visual effects company, Weta Digital, does an excellent job with this Indiana Jones-esque animated film. Many of the characters are completely life-like while others maintain a more cartoon feel.

Another positive is that The Adventures of Tintin never stops. It is non-stop movement and action from beginning to end. The transitions are clever and engaging. This film is eye catching, engrossing, and just a lot of fun.

Thumbs Down

There is little to no character development of the main character, Tintin. The arc comes in the form of Captain Haddock and his attempt to overcome his drunkenness and reclaim his family pride. While the captain is an empathetic character it is hard to totally cheer for Tintin. He is likable, no doubt. But if something were to happen to him, the audience would likely not have felt badly for him.

How I Rate It

Family Friendly: This film gets a 3 ½ out of 5 stars for family friendliness. This rating is difficult to give because of the nature of the film. Being that it is an animated film, most will think that this movie is for the entire family, but it may be inappropriate for kids younger than eight. There is tons of action, which includes sword fighting and gun shooting. The main character who is a kid himself is seen many times picking up a gun and shooting it at "baddies". Also, the plot centers around Captain Haddock who is a raging alcoholic, which is displayed and discussed in the film. That being said, there is no language nor overt carnage. Don’t think of this film like Toy Story, but rather Indiana Jones, and make your decision based on that comparison. Older children and dads will especially enjoy this film.

Degree of Excellence: The Adventures of Tintin earns a 4 ½ out of 5 stars for its high degree of excellence. The animation is amazing and the story is fun. The only knock is its lack of Tintin's character development. Overall, it's a very entertaining film.

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Dr. Jayce O'NealDr. Jayce O’Neal is the author of Crazy Circus World and 100 Answers to 100 Questions Every Graduate Should Know. He also is a public speaker, and actor who enjoys cheering for his favorite sports teams while eating pizza with a fork. He likes to watch movies, visit amusement parks, and play board games. Dr. Jayce loves to be creative and encourage others to use their imaginations and their noggins. He has a Doctorate, two Masters Degrees, a Bachelor of Science, and a small trophy for perfect attendance in Sunday school from when he was nine. For more information, visit:

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