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By Holly Drake
Contributing Writer
Clancy is the heartwarming story of the faith one little girl can inspire in even the hardest heart. Clancy (Christina Dawn Fougnie, in her movie debut) is a 12-year-old runaway from an abusive home who insists on befriending Nick (Jefferson Moore), a homeless war veteran. The unlikely duo finds common ground in their difficult pasts, but clash over their views of the present. Fortified by a strong, childlike faith, she is winsomely hopeful that everything will work out. Guilt-ridden Nick, however, doesn't believe he deserves forgiveness, and has long since given up the pursuit of a good life.

Circumstances bring the two closer as the plot entwines with a corrupt mayor (James Bailey) desperate for re-election who offers Nick cash to keep Clancy “safe” and out of sight for a few days. Meanwhile, he schemes to frame Nick for kidnapping the child in order to tip the election in his favor when he finally “rescues” the girl.

This film deals with the harsh realities of life, including child abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, the affects of war, and homelessness. Through her growing affection for Nick, Clancy is able to share her simple and straightforward faith in Jesus as the Savior of the world. And as Nick becomes increasingly attached to the child, he starts listening to what she has to say.

As events come to a climax and Clancy is hurt in a shootout with police, Nick is forced to face the reality of the forgiveness offered by Christ on the cross. And he must choose whether or not to accept the truth that Clancy so genuinely shared with him and decide whether or not God can forgive even him.

Though the plot is predictable, it is still entertaining. The film is propelled forward by the relationship between the two main characters, rather than the action of the plot. The storyline serves mainly as a structure to hang the interaction of these characters on.

Despite the overly contrived character of the mayor and the all-too-familiar rough personality of Nick, the characters are genuinely portrayed. Clancy's sweet, nonjudgmental disposition endears her to the audience almost immediately. The quality of acting by young Christina Fougnie is surprising and the simple relationship with Nick as father-figure and friend make the film heartwarming and inspiring.

In spite of the film's conventional plot devices and low-budget status, Kelly's Filmworks has certainly produced a redemptive film worth watching. The Christian message is clear and unambiguous, without being thrown into the category of an overly spiritual movie.

Despite the heavy subject matter, the film is uplifting as it focuses on the faith of a child in the midst of circumstances far beyond her control and the grace of a God bigger than any circumstances here on earth. Without preaching a sermon, Clancy is able to share the unconditional love of God with the simple actions of prayer, forgiveness, and acceptance of others.

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