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Giselle from Enchanted

Movie Info


PG for some scary images and mild innuendo


November 21, 2007


Romantic Comedy, Family, Fantasy, and Animation


Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, Idina Menzel, Timothy Spall


Bill Kelly


Kevin Lima


Walt Disney Pictures


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By Hannah Goodwyn Producer - What would happen if the fair-skinned princess Snow White, with her angelic voice and naïve view of the world, really lived in modern times? How do you think sweet, humble Cinderella would handle living in our cynical world?

That’s what Disney’s new movie, Enchanted, tries to answer.

You’ll fall in love with this fairy tale story turned modern-day romantic comedy that explores how a Disney princess would fair in our reality.

Beautiful Giselle’s true heart's desire is to find her Prince Charming. But, her dreams are disrupted by Narissa, the evil queen of Andalasia.

The villainess casts her out of her fairy tale home to a place “where there’s no happily ever after.” Landing in Manhattan, Giselle soon realizes she’s in a far different world than the one she’s always known. Will her “dreams do come true” attitude last long in our not-so-fairy-tale land?

The Fairy Tale Becomes Reality

Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon and Grey's Anatomy's "Dr. McDreamy," also known as Patrick Dempsey, show off their incredible talent in Enchanted. Dempsey stars as Robert, the charming divorce lawyer and single father who finds Giselle wandering around Manhattan. Susan Sarandon makes an impression as well as the evil queen Narissa. Broadway actress and singer Idina Menzel also lends her talent to the movie accurately playing Robert's girlfriend, who is a sophisticated New Yorker named Nancy.

But, it's James Marsden and Amy Adams who really stand out. Their bigger-than-real-life performances make you believe in fairy tales. 

Marsden fantastically plays Prince Edward, Giselle’s love in her fairy tale world. He was perfect for the part of the simple-minded, proud heir to the throne of Andalasia. Same as Giselle, all he seeks is his true love. Marsden’s top-notch talent is showcased in his portrayal of this slow-to-catch-on prince. You’ll truly be amazed.

Above and beyond his ability to embody the Disney prince role, he entertains audiences with his strong vocals. Moviegoers will quickly notice that the animated characters spontaneously break into song, as Disney fairy tales are known to do. Mardsen is a revelation, definitely the most memorable of the movie.

Amy Adams, who plays the loveable Giselle, also brings the Disney princess to life in an extraordinary way. Her sweet, angelic voice compliments her character well. Her acting will exceed your expectations. The studio did a great service to this film by getting her on board. She makes her role believable, which was a must since this unique way of telling a Disney fairy tale is so out of the ordinary.

A Cautionary Word or Two

Parents, be aware that Enchanted contains scenes that include an evil queen who casts spells and relies on sorcery to achieve her devious plans. Also, a dragon appears in the film. Although, the creature is a threat to the main characters, it is not terribly scary or horrifying.

At one point, Patrick Dempsey’s character in caught in an awkward situation that alludes to a possible affair. Children will most likely miss this mild reference.

These cautions aren’t necessarily reason enough to miss the movie. But, you may want to talk with your child about these instances afterwards to explain these situations and to reiterate that it’s an imaginative, fictional story.

Great Flick to Enjoy This Holiday

Enchanted is worth the ticket prices to see this holiday movie in the theaters. You and your family will enjoy a storybook romance in this quality film. The whole clan will appreciate this hilarious take on Disney fairy tales. Teens and adults won’t be bored either. This new movie is chalk full of references to classic Disney movies. You’ll be able to notice the blatant ones, but when the DVD comes out with a game testing you on your knowledge of the classic cartoons.

The storyline does include some events that are a little far-fetched and hard to believe. Just keep in mind this is a Disney fairy tale and give it some leeway.

This delightful fairy tale releases in theaters Wednesday, November 21st. Enchanted has a PG rating for some scary images and mild innuendo.

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