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Beyonce in Obsessed

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Older teenagers and adults (not for kids)


PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sexual content, language and drug references.




April 24, 2009


Beyonce Knowles, Idris Alba, Ali Larter, Jerry O’Connell, Bonnie Perlman, and Christine Lahti


Steve Shill


Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Entertainment



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Obsessed: A Woman Scorned

Movieguide Magazine - Obsessed features a loving family who move into their new house and begin to live the American dream. Derek and his wife Sharon are a loving, committed couple who have a very honest marriage. At Derek’s office, a temporary secretary, Lisa, begins to make sexual advances. Although Derek rejects every advance, he doesn’t tell his wife about it.

Lisa, the temp, is emotionally disturbed. She believes that Derek is hers and will do whatever she can to steal Derek away. With every rejection, Lisa doubles her efforts, continuing to put Derek in situations making it harder and harder to resist her advances.

Meanwhile, wife Sharon begins to suspect something is wrong, and for the first time, doubts her husband’s faithfulness. As the stakes rise, Sharon confronts Lisa and it turns into a physical fighting match over Derek. Sharon becomes the movie’s heroine as her commitment to not consider divorce strengthens her resolve to make the marriage work.

Obsessed is a well made, thrilling drama that twists and turns as viewers get deeper into the mind of the temptress, Lisa. There are excellent performances by Idris Alba as Derek and Ali Larter as Lisa. The emotion is carried by their acting ability. Beyonce as Sharon struggles somewhat in her role, however.

Obsessed underscores the importance of marriage and fidelity in marriage. Derek, though perhaps unwise at times, is committed to his wife and struggles to fend off the advances by Lisa. This is a not-so-common message to come out of Hollywood.

There is, however, plenty of foul language and a constant theme of seduction, which warrant extreme caution on the part of viewers.

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