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'Wild Hogs'

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PG-13 for crude and sexual content, and some violence.




Mar. 2, 2007


John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Tichina Arnold, and Marisa Tomei


Walt Becker


Buena Vista Pictures Distribution


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Wild Hogs

Movieguide Magazine - Wild Hogs is like two different movies. The first half is an often lewd and scatological comedy about middle-aged men trying to re-discover their youth. The second half is a much funnier, more endearing and, eventually, more meaningful story about standing up to bullies and sticking together.

Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy play four goofy, middle-aged men in Cincinnati who like to spend time together getting away from their families and riding motorcycles. They call themselves the Wild Hogs. Due to various personal problems, they decide to get away by going on a road trip to the West Coast.

After a couple lewd encounters with a homosexual highway patrolman, whom they shun, the four friends have a run-in with a real motorcycle gang. The gang's leader (played by Ray Liotta) takes away one of the men's bikes and forces them to ride away without it. One of the men returns and steals back the bike, but, unknown to the others, he cuts the gas wires on the gang's bikes, a gang member drops his cigarette into the gas, and the gang's clubhouse explodes into a million pieces.

Riding further, the four men find a nice, sleepy little town holding a chili festival. The town itself has been terrorized by the motorcycle gang in the past. Meanwhile, the motorcycle gang is anxious to find the four goofy friends and beat them up. When they eventually show up, it puts everyone in danger.

The acting in Wild Hogs is uneven, especially in the film's first half when the movie uses most of its lewd material, including some toilet humor. The second half is much cleaner. The second half also has a more interesting plot and theme where the four comic heroes, and the villains, learn that real men don't act like bullies, they stand up to them. Even the little community holding the chili festival learns this lesson, which gives viewers a positive lesson about American values. It also reminds one of many American westerns where the community stands behind the good guys to defeat the bad guys. These are great lessons for all of us today.

Wild Hogs contains lots of foul language throughout, however. That, and the movie's sexual jokes and toilet humor, deserve an extreme caution. The movie's positive qualities are more in line with Movieguide®'s moral, spiritual, psychological, philosophical, cultural, and biblical standards.

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