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Mr Holmes movie

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PG for thematic elements, some disturbing images and incidental smoking


Crime, Mystery, Drama


July 17, 2015


Ian McKellen, Laura Linney, Milo Parker, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hattie Morahan, Patrick Kennedy, Roger Allam, Philip Davis


Bill Condon


Roadside Attractions

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Review: Mr. Holmes

By Movieguide Magazine - Mr. Holmes is a mystery drama based on the popular fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. It takes a new twist on a classic tale telling a story about Mr. Holmes after retirement, with a strong moral worldview.

Set in 1947, Sherlock Holmes, is an aging old man struggling with memory loss. He has just returned from a trip to Japan, in search for a rare plant he hopes will restore his memory. Set in a remote farmhouse near the sea, Holmes spends his final days tending to his bees, finding peace in their company and believing their honey, like the plant from Japan, will counteract his early memory loss.

Unfit to care for himself, a housekeeper, Mrs. Munro, and her son, Roger, move in to assist him. Roger, who has recently lost his father in the war, forms an unlikely friendship with Mr. Holmes. Holmes comes to love the boy as his own while Roger provides the encouragement Holmes needs to help complete an unsolved case from his past. Through a series of flashbacks, the audience learns of the tragic case that forced Holmes into retirement. (For more of the plot, go to

Mr. Holmes is a beautifully shot movie. The cinematography, set design and images of the seaside elicit a beautiful, poetic tone throughout. The story starts out slow and is a bit drawn out, but with the presence of the young Roger it picks up, adding a newfound reason to care for the characters. Based on the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin, the movie does an excellent job conveying the life of a real man, not the celebrity. It breaks down the stereotypes of fame and fortune showing that every person, even the great Sherlock Holmes, grapples with something within themselves.

Mr. Holmes has a strong moral worldview of honoring your parents, forgiving those that wronged you, always being honest, and doing everything with compassion. Mr. Holmes is a positive influence for young children showing people with good virtues can rise to the top. The movie appears to have a Christian, redemptive worldview emphasizing putting others before yourself and being kind to everyone, even those that can do nothing for you. Mr. Holmes doesn’t have any harmful explicit content, but the subject of suicide warrants caution. Its drawn out shots mixed with classical music will leave one feeling refreshed, but this classical approach caters to a more mature, patient audience.

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