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Kids/Family, Animation


April 15, 2011


Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Rodrigo Santoro,, Jamie Fox


Carlos Saldanha


20th Century Fox


Christian Movie Reviews

Christian Movie Review


Movieguide Magazine

Rio is an animated comedy about Blu, a cockatoo who was stolen from his native homeland of Rio de Janeiro when he was a newborn. Having grown up as a pet, Blu has become very sheltered and domesticated, never even learning to fly. 

After a horrible kidnapping experience by smugglers when he was young, Blu was fortunate enough to be found be a good owner, Linda. Since then, Blu has a good life. Linda's small Minnesota apartment is his kingdom. In that tiny, sheltered place, Blu rules the roost. 

One day, a Brazilian scientist comes to Linda's door and tells her they would like to take Blu back to Brazil because Blu is the last male bird of his particular species and the scientist needs Blu to mate with a female of his species before that breed of cockatoo is extinct. Linda, much like Blu, is very sheltered and fears the larger world, but decides to go with Blu to Brazil so he can mate with this other bird… (For more on the story, go to Spoiler alert!) 

Rio is a fun, action-filled animated comedy with some fun characters and enjoyable twists and turns. Sometimes, the story gets convoluted with too many characters and too many themes, but it is still an enjoyable experience. That said, this movie has some cautionary thematic elements, especially for younger children. The movie deals with some mature themes that younger children may not necessarily understand or may find disturbing, and it also has some action sequences that may be somewhat frightening for younger viewers. 

However, the movie contains a strong moral worldview with elements of heroism, courage, friendship, and sacrifice as well as a mild allegory of God's pursuit for his lost children as Linda searches for Blu, her lost bird. Also, Rio’s fabulous mountaintop statue of “Christ, Our Redeemer” is overtly displayed throughout the movie. There are, however, some elements of Romanticism with mild pagan elements regarding Rio’s famous annual carnival. Older children, teenagers and adults will enjoy Rio, but MOVIEGUIDE recommends mild caution for younger children.

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