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The Sparky Chronicles: The Map

By Belinda S. Ayers The Sparky Chronicles, a video series for teens and pre-teens from Spotlight Media, is a fun and fast-paced comedy that imparts biblical values without being "preachy." Along the lines of Spy Kids, with the classic teenage humor of shows like Saved by the Bell and Malcolm in the Middle, the series will entertain youth and adults alike.

The action begins when Sparky, the family dog, is mysteriously kidnapped. Three college-aged friends form a high-tech search team to rescue their beloved Dachshund. Using the latest technological gadgets and operating out of their computer-guided mobile headquarters (a '68 Volkswagen minivan), the three self-appointed secret agents hunt down clues across the country in their search for Sparky. Each "case" leads them on a different adventure and offers viewers a different underlying spiritual truth.

In the series' first episode, The Map, the three bumbling heroes meet several peculiar characters and find themselves in a few sticky situations along the way. After narrowly missing Sparky in a fumbled rescue attempt, the team finds a map that shows exactly where the dog is being held. But the group fails to properly study the map, which parallels the way people often respond to the directions for life that God has given in His Word.

Turning to their own ingenuity and the opinions of others, the secret-agent team finds themselves in trouble once again and no closer to finding Sparky. After experiencing a variety of mishaps they realize the true value of the map (and the Bible).

Filled with vivid action scenes and witty one-liners, the episode is high-quality entertainment for the whole family. The subtle spiritual element of the program challenges viewers to make choices based on God's Word rather than basing their decisions on the opinions or knowledge of friends.

The DVD version also features a wealth of extras that are as entertaining as the episode itself. Both youth and adults will enjoy these bloopers, storyboards, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Sparky Chronicles is a fun alternative to the often vulgar teen shows offered by the mainstream networks.

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