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Tim Tebow, AP

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Nov. 8, 2011


Tim Tebow, Jimmy Sexton


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Tim Tebow: Everything in Between

By Chris Carpenter Director of Internet Programming - The 2012 NFL season has been one of great scrutiny for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Once the darling of football fans everywhere, the former Heisman Trophy winner has had to deal with his fair share of critics dissecting his every move. Yet, the embattled Tebow has demonstrated a high degree of grace in shrugging off the sarcasm in his first season as a pro starter.

The criticism is nothing new. Driven by his faith and an incredible will to succeed, Tebow is the subject of a new sports documentary, Tim Tebow: Everything in Between, now available on DVD. The video features more than 50 minutes of never-before-seen footage of Tebow as he trains and prepares for the NFL Draft in 2010.

The documentary begins just as Tebow is concluding his college career at the University of Florida and chronicles his journey from playing in the Senior Bowl, picking an agent, filming an anti-abortion commercial that aired on the Super Bowl, and participating in the NFL Combine. Everything in Between culminates on NFL Draft night as Tebow, his family, and his handlers try to project where he might be selected.

The film does a fine job of showcasing the two-time national champion’s immense dedication to his sport but more importantly highlights the impact that faith plays in his life without being preachy.  Tebow is the real deal.  He visits sick children in hospitals, signs every last autograph, and prays with many of the people he encounters along the way.

Everything in Between does occasionally fall into predictable patterns though. There seems to be a familiar formula present throughout of 1) a challenge faces Tebow, 2) Tebow trains real hard, 3) Tebow talks it over with his family and agent, and 4) Tebow overcomes the challenge.  Repeat.

Through it all you can’t help but love the guy, his dedication to football, and his commitment to faith and family. It is quite evident that Tim Tebow has no problem in being a positive role model to kids, a refreshing thought when considering the brutishness of many of his contemporaries.

The DVD includes several special features including bloopers and outtakes, a sample of a grueling Tebow workout, and an insider’s glimpse of his household on NFL Draft Day.

Everything in Between will have great appeal to the sports enthusiast or a person intrigued with the Tebow phenomenon.  However, I question whether it will resonate with the average viewer.  But you never know.  Who knew that the image of Tebow praying on the football field ("Tebowing") would spawn its own website and garner millions of video views on the Internet?

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