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The Frazee Triplets
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The Frazees: Liberty University’s Triple Threat

By Tim Smith and Tim Branson
The 700 Club

CBN.comIf you’re into basketball, you know about the double dribble. You may know about the triple double -- the rare feat of reaching double digits in three of these five categories in one game. But chances are, you’ve never heard of the triple Frazee.

Meet Megan, Molly, and Moriah Frazee – the triple threat of the Liberty University Flames. Megan is a 6’3” guard and forward who leads the team in points per game and rebounds. Molly has the highest 3-point shooting percentage on the team. Moriah leads the Lady Flames in blocks, and she’s ranked second in points per game.

This triple threat is the talk of the town in Lynchburg, Virginia. How do the girls handle the attention that all of this brings?

Molly says, “Even when we see twins or triplets, we think it’s a big deal, because they’re kind of rare.  If we were each individuals, we might not have all this attention.  So we try to play if off as much as we can, but there’s only so much you can do.”

What’s it like playing with one's sisters?

Megan replies, “It’s really been a neat experience.  For one, we always tell people that we’re each others’ best friends, which is really neat to have that relationship.  We can carry over our experience off the court on to the court and just continue the bond we have.”

Their joined faith has given them an interesting perspective on winning and losing.

“As a Christian athlete, you do want to play your best, because God always wants us to do our best in whatever we do,” says Moriah. “We do want to win and do our best, but obviously we can’t win every single game so when we do lose, we know that it wasn’t meant to be that day, and in the big picture, basketball is just a game.”

Carey Green has been the head coach at Liberty for eight years.

Coach Green says, “Megan is the one who steps forward first.  But Moriah is the one who steps outside first.  Yet the analytical thinker is Molly.  She’s sitting back, and she’s gonna do it right.”

Coach Green knows the advantage of having all three girls on the floor at the same time. “They know where the other one is sometimes on the floor without really looking. Another advantage is that it’s confusing to our opponents as well.  They have to double check, ‘I was guarding 40 or 41?’”

The Frazee triplets have many fans, but none compares to their parents.

“We’re a close family.  We get along real well together.  That’s the word that come to mind first.  Close.  We love one another,” says their mom, Tammy.

They’re also big fans of Coach Green.

Jim Frazee concurs, “Coach Green does a really good job with them. We didn’t want them to be just turned loose to just anyone.  We’re all very thankful for Coach Green.”

The coach is equally impressed with these fine athletes.

“The thing that impresses me most is their heart, and their desire to serve the Lord and bring attention to Jesus Christ, their Savior, through the game of basketball.  That’s where their heart is. They’re good basketball players as well.”

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