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Rebecca St. James: True Beauty

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Are You Obsessed with How You Look? Answer each of these questions honestly and give yourself the matching number of points.


1. I’ve dieted to lose weight during the last
24 hours = 10 points
month = 5 points
year = 1 point
decade = 0 points

2. I look at other women’s appearances and compare myself to them
almost always = 10 points
frequently = 5 points
rarely = 1 point
never = 0 points

3. I normally weigh myself
more than once a day = 10 points
daily = 5 points
monthly = 1 point
annually or at medical checkups = 0 points

4. When I am in public without makeup, I feel
ugly = 10 points
naked = 5 points
plain = 1 point
no different = 0 points

5. I worry about my weight and/or my appearance
once an hour or more = 10 points
off and on throughout the day = 5 points
a few times a week = 1 point
hardly ever = 0 points

6. Almost every time I eat, at least once, I think about
how much I should weigh or how fat I am = 10 points
the number of calories I’m consuming = 5 points
ways to satisfy my hunger appropriately = 1 point
enjoying and being thankful for my meal = 0

7. When I look in the mirror, I usually see
every imperfection = 10 points
several imperfections = 5 points
a few imperfections = 1 point
me = 0 points

What's Your Score?

50 points = Trapped in beauty-myth jail
21–49 points = Handcuffed to the beauty myth
5–20 points = Have beauty myths under house arrest
0–5 points = Free!

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